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  1. Dude just quit it, make a new account or move on because honestly judging by what other posters wrote we don't care about you two, if you both leave nobody will notice, stop trying to bring GMs into this circus they are too busy dealing with the endless number of Chinese gold sellers to care about a pair of idiots.
  2. Just fucking go, you now got the answer you were looking for.
  3. Well judging by what you posted first it seems that you think that because he didn't knew he doesn't deserve the ban(also i assume this by the way you continue to shitpost), it doesn't fucking matter if he knew or not he broke the rules period, both you and your friend are dumbfucks hahaha just look at what he said "for reference not a havk, but it's a hunter mod that does cool shut like automatically feed your pet, etc" if you need an addon to feed your pet you need to quit this 12 year old game lol "What this mod does is regulate casting and uncasting aspect of the cheetah" kek needs an addon to manage aspect of the cheetah, LMAO good riddance that he got banned, he wont be a burden to his battleground mates anymore
  4. In this life not knowing the rules is not an excuse to avoid punishment.
  5. What a circus of a thread, kudos to the GM for banning that shitmuncher.
  6. Well keep waiting for a response on the ban appeal forums not here, like I said you play in a free server nobody owes you shit you are not entitled to anything here.
  7. Sometimes in cases like these the high road is the best way to go, I doubt anyone but the OP would feel disrespected if what I mentioned actually happened.
  8. I don't mean to say this as a way to disqualify Elysium's team(you guys are awesome), but I really wish we had a GM or Dev like the ones in Warmane, boy they would have already posted a SS proving that the OP is infact guilty to humiliate him in front of GD, ban him for being a crybaby shitposter and close the thread.
  9. I think that if there is something you have proven to us today is that you possess no brain at all.
  10. Fuck outta here you playing in a free server nobody owes you shit.
  11. And you are pretty much an idiot who thinks he is entitled to "justice" they don't owe you shit just go back and wait for the appeal GD is no place for these kind of threads I hope a GM closes this nonsense of a thread.
  12. Yes, the OP can't understand or follow simple instructions so i'd guess yes he is an autist.
  13. Fucks sake just wait for the appeal and in the meantime give your "friend" a child because judging by the way you so brazenly return to make pointless posts about his ban makes me believe you two are more than "friends".
  14. I can, so can you, at most it's one or two folks trolling with hardcore racism I just /ignore and after a couple weeks I uningore to make more space in the ignore list because probably those you ignored first, quit or got bored of trolling... But then again trolls don't really bother me anymore after 7 years of WoW so it's rare for me to /ignore someone.
  15. /ignore and continue with your life.
  16. @Antipatra Listen this post is 100% useless make your lover appeal for a ban and see what happens because honestly this is getting ridiculous most of the time people are banned is because they did something.
  17. Welcome I hope you enjoy your stay, now I have a few things to tell you: 1 - There will never be any legacy realms by blizzard if that's what you mean by "Legacy realms dream" I'm not being mean to you newcomer, but blizzard is to prideful to make legacy realms they already missed the dota train surely the same will happen with legacy. 2 - It is worth playing here do not worry about French lawyers if the rumours are true(most likely are) the servers are located in mother Russia so no need to worry. 3 - Elysium now carries the torch that Nostalrius once carried before they became blizzard's minions, so I'd guess that Elysium will not get smaller or die away, but in fact the contrary, it will get bigger. 4 - As a wrath baby, yes 1-60 in vanilla is not to be taken lightly it's an ordeal of sorts, but if you like to work hard for what you want then vanilla is for you.
  18. If you really feel the need to have a GM in game to regulate world chats I'm sorry to tell you, but you need to either /ignore or leave, we are in a part of the internet were people aren't fond of social justice so I kindly ask you to fuck off, plus a little humour in the game by trolling won't hurt anyone like come on we are playing a game that's 10+ years old there's no need to get serious if you do please get psychological help asap! And to all these eurocucks saying that this behaviour is witnessed only during US peak times , NA or international servers gtfo because probably you don't even play the game I have played before during different hours and it's the same shit at every hour.
  19. Helzing

    Alexsensual is an awful player

    Lol @ all the people defending this trash, jealous? Of what? Hi I'm Alexsenual let me put up a trashy and rushed PowerPoint presentation about vanilla wow oh and if your opinion differs from mine I'll perma ban you from talking in my twitch stream, or people forgot the babyrage He got into after the failure of PlayTBC(Something that was 100% free and no reason to rage over if it doesn't deliver, by the way mentioning this is why i got permabanned from talking in his stream) Please... The only reason he's got views is because there are so few vanilla streamers out there, this guy is toxic and a blight upon the community specially when he doesn't get his way his reaction in the video proves it, trust me I was a long time viewer of his.
  20. Helzing


    What? What a stupid thread, and why are you muted for tell us? I and plenty of other players troll /1 for jokes and we never get muted, is there something you haven't told us about this ridiculous story?