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  1. 7 hours ago, Jakira said:

    What about me? Am I allowed here? I have 2,000 :3

    Ofc, gz on 2180th post!


    2 hours ago, Aeglo said:

    Ok so.  The reason why this sucks is because its just a compilation of you showing your big crits on undergeared people.  The last fight against the rogue was the only decent thing but as rogue vs rogue fights go... when you're evenly geared whoever gets the opener typically wins.

    So here is an example of what you do to keep people interested when you're already strong enough to kill most everything without effort.  You do crazy shit.  Also for those curious about the Gurubashi Arena 3v3s... yeah that was vanilla's version of arenas on the Lightning's Blade server.  It was a tournament hosted by a rich Alliance guild and Horde were allowed to participate.  Winning team would split like 1000g every month.


    That's a pretty entertaining video, Ming looks like a skilled player still I see red messages spam which I don't mind I just don't get the hate for Surprise's red messages.

  2. 26 minutes ago, Sbd said:

    You're not seeing the beauty of this-  The reason pvp>pve servers.  This scenario would be completely different if you just made a few friends or joined a guild and asked for their help. A few minutes later you're in a nice, bloody, respectable Player VS Player fight. Then you can proceed to dance on their corpses.  

    C'mon, look harder.  See the magic.  Embrace it.

    I see your point, but the thing is that none of my friends play WoW and I haven't found a decent guild as of now and most allies in the world are retarded(don't know if this happens in horde side as well), what I mean by this is that when I went to STV as ally(I know not the greatest idea) to complete the quest for whirlwind axe I got ganked several times by groups of horde and by the time I managed to find a group of allies I literally had to beg for an invite Lol! They said that because I was 32 I was a burden and I was being lazy for needing a party for tusks I just replied: It's not that man it's that hordes run in packs around here. Anyways I got invited and managed to get payback in a couple hordes, but still the fact that i had to beg for a group pisses off and it aint the first time that happened to me. And that's one of the reasons I'm considering zethkur as the overpopulation is less and will surely provide a healthier gaming experience but still not sure though as it might be merged in the future due to low population let's just hope I am wrong here.

  3. 13 hours ago, Skartakus said:

    Yes this is my situation too . I feel the ratio on server status is a lie . Im stuck level 30 for hours and Im starting to loose the fun since its just constant unfair rape ...

    Maybe it will be better in a couple weeks . Dungeon grinding might be a solution too .

    It's kinda bullshit really, I mean yesterday I was leveling an alt in elwynn was killing some murlocs, and without noticing there was a rogue and a druid who were in stealth and waiting until I was about to kill a murloc and when I went to loot they came out of stealth on top of the corpse so I would get flagged and then they would proceed to gank me I managed to stealth back up log off for 5 minutes and come back and they were still there jumping and moving sideways on top of every murloc corpse to try and make me get flagged again at the same time preventing me from completing that quest... Don't get me wrong I enjoy some wpvp, but that was outright griefing lmao, but then again I'm considering rolling zethkur for a healthier PvP experience as it is not as populated as Elysium still not sure about it as the considerable lower population of zethkur might indicate it's demise in the future but I could be wrong(hopefully)

  4. Quote

    But its not like the GM, or even Elysium wrote the code for this game. They stole the code that other people made.

    Fuck you.


    There are things that can still enhance Elysium and vanilla wow in general, like atlas loot, tooltipsmods, and some class-specific quality of life changes, which is what i used.

    Fuck you if you need to use an addon to feed your pet and manage aspect of the cheetah.


    because the GM that banned me lied to me in game, and is misrepresenting the facts in his replies elsewhere.

    Fuck you.


    This chain started so that other people are aware of how GMs are making decisions

    What this chain achieved is making people aware of the autism in both of you.


    backroom discussion that nobodyever hears about

    There is no need to make ban appeals public knowledge so fuck you.


    and that they are not always as helpful as many people claim for them to be that dont know any better. 

    But, could you do any better? exactly the fact that you downloaded a 700 "addon" modpack tells me otherwise, can a kind GM close this circus already?