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    mage or lock

    Infinite mana? Where'd you that from? I was always mana drained when I attempted to level a lock
  2. Hey guys, I had my pc built almost a couple years ago. Here's what I got: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.50GHz GTX 980 MSI Z97 Gaming 5 16gb Ram Corsair RM750 I don't have liquid cooling. I'm wanting to upgrade my gpu to MSI GTX 1080, but I was wondering your thoughts on the graphics card itself and the rest of the system. Thanks in advance!
  3. Orpheus148

    Custom PC upgrade advice

    I never really notice it getting to not. Mid 50s to low 60s is what I remember seeing last time I checked. I do play retail from time to time and it's just started running it so poorly on mid to high settings, I have no idea why.
  4. Orpheus148

    cannot create account

    I've made 2 accounts and both times I've had to log into the control panel to resend the emails
  5. Orpheus148

    Frost kiting video guide

    Has anyone seen any good guides xfor vanilla version? I found one recently but I forgot to bookmark it and now I can't find it.
  6. Orpheus148

    Frost kiting video guide

    So those rank ones will suffice grinding to 60? I'm assuming highest rank available for bliz?
  7. anyone use an adblock extension in Chrome and still able to access wowhead? Just recently it stopped loading the pages if I have Adblock or Adblock Plus enabled. Are there any others that work?
  8. I haven't been on in a week or two and just saw these proxy servers in the list that I've never seen before. I clicked on one and was immediately disconnected and now whenever i try to login I'm immediately disconnected.. is there any way for me to get logged in far enough to select a server?
  9. Orpheus148

    New Pet Level Catch Up

    I just dinged level 40 and I've been using a bear, but I'd like to switch to a boar. Unfortunately there are none at my level. How long does it take and what's the best method for leveling up a pet that's a decently lower level than yourself?
  10. I did the first part and found the chicken but this guy started the escort before I got a chance to pick the second quest up. Will the chicken respawn for me to pick up the quest or am I boned?
  11. Orpheus148

    Realm Descriptions

    Anathema is a pvp realm where all Nost characters went and furthest in progression close to AQ release. Elysium and Zeth'kur are both pvp and in early stages of vanilla. Elys is high pop and Zeth is lower Darrowshire is the only pve realm and a little ways behind in terms of progression compared to Anathema. https://elysium-project.org/timeline
  12. The gnome in front starts a quest called Coolant Heads Prevail and Gyro... what? . Both of these quests are supposed to lead to two more quests from the gnome behind him, Liquid Stone and Stone is Better than Cloth. I completed the first two quest from Lotwil but the other two from Lucien are not showing up. Anyone know how to get them?
  13. Orpheus148

    Badlands Questline (Anathema)

    Thank you, this worked :)
  14. Orpheus148

    Badlands Questline (Anathema)

    It's for the rock elemental quests. Vanilla wow db said only Coolant Heads Prevail and Gyro... What? were pre req for the next two
  15. Orpheus148

    Badlands Questline (Anathema)

    I'm level 42 :( a guy i'm questing with says he was able to pick them up.... How can I contact a GM about it.
  16. Maybe I'm the odd one out but I actually like the 3k-4k zone... lately on anathema it's been kinda high to me. Farming has been extremely difficult.
  17. Orpheus148

    Hunter Aspects

    Is it intended for hunter aspects to fall off after using a flight path? I just noticed this last night.
  18. Orpheus148

    Beast Training

    I want to switch pets but I'm curious how this training works. If I got a brand new pet would I have to teach it all of these or just the highest ranks? If I do have to teach all of them how can I get enough training points? It's already taking a while to get the two that are available now.
  19. Gotta use the AH. I pretty much only vendor grey items. Everything else I put up for auction. I'd also suggest picking up enchanting to de any quest rewards you don't need, and herbalism is great end game gold maker.
  20. Orpheus148

    Spec suggestion

    Hey, I'm looking for a spec suggestion. Right now I'm level 30 and been putting points in as a DP/Shadowburn build. I really dislike how much mana this build uses though. I don't plan on doing much if any raiding at 60 just max level dungeons for the dungeon sets and pvp. So one that would fit both of those. Thanks! I'm thinking about SM/Ruin pvp version. Also what demon is best suited for this build?
  21. Orpheus148

    DPS/Tank build

    Hey, I'm looking for a Tank and DPS build that will work while I level my paladin up. I was hoping to get Consecration but I can't get far enough down Retribution to get Vengeance. This is what I'm working with. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#sE0zZV0xIZEb0t
  22. Straightforward question. Which is more profitable?
  23. Orpheus148

    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    2 questions: How well do paladins do dps wise in pvp? I think I read earlier someone recommended holy? This leads to my next question: How does holy dps differ from Retribution dps?
  24. The map claims that this zone is 20-30 but I didn't have quest really to do there untill i was 30 or close to 30. I went there after I finished up Duskwood. Though when I got there, (started in Southshore) there wasn't too much that I was able to do at that level. Is this zone supposed to basically send you to do quests in Alterac Mountains and Arathi Highlands?