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    paladins in pvp / holy dps

    This actually looks kinda cool. How well does it heal? good enough for dungeons?? Can you suggest an edit so that it could pick up improved BoW
  2. Would you recommend I go and pick a graphics card up from the store or are they packaged up pretty well to avoid damage?
  3. Orpheus148

    Pet stance bugged?

    I have my hunter pet set to defensive, as I always do. But it attacks mobs on its own very frequently, like when it gets to close. Is this intended or a bug? I thought defensive was only supposed to attack if you attack the mob or are attacked? To me this seems like it's stuck in aggressive
  4. Orpheus148

    Name plate not showing names

    anyone know how to fix this? The name plates are only showing "..." for everything.
  5. Orpheus148

    Leveling spec suggestion

    I didn't see a stickied thread regarding this subject. I'm looking for a decent leveling spec.
  6. Orpheus148

    Pet abilities

    How do pets get their abilities? I just tamed a thistle bear in darkshore and it doesn't have growl. I went to the pet trainer and the lowest rank of growl they could teach is rank 3, but where do I get the first two?
  7. Orpheus148

    Pet abilities

    !!! How cool is that. Thanks
  8. Orpheus148

    Pet abilities

    Please delete, I found Beast Training under the general tab... never would have thought to look there.
  9. Orpheus148

    Low FPS

    I'm usually able to run the game at max settings at 60 fps minimum, but a little while ago it just drastically dropped to the 30's... I checked live WoW and it seems to be running as it should and then i went to check the game on my laptop which is older than my desktop and Vanilla is running fine on it... Any suggestions on why the change on my main pc? I've tried restarting the game and my pc and no change.
  10. Orpheus148

    Spec suggestion

    Ok I respecced again for the last time for a while I hope. I went with the leveling guide you suggested, which is using (30/21/0). Rotation wise should I not even bother with Immolate? and how often should I be using Shadowbolts until i get Nightfall?
  11. Orpheus148

    Warlock Soloing

    I've heard that locks are pretty good at doing solo content. Things have gotten a bit easier for me after getting past lvl 20. though I'm curious if I'm doing it right. I'm using void obviously but if I get 2 mobs on me I'm almost screwed, I end up running out of mana... How much am I supposed to be able to take on? Should I be using any shadow bolts? I notice they are what eat up a lot of my mana.
  12. Orpheus148

    Warlock Soloing

    Where can I find those? Is there a vanilla wow item database?
  13. Orpheus148

    Warlock Soloing

    Are the enchanting wands good enough for this? I haven't seen any wands drop for me yet anyways. I don't have a very big pool of gold yet to buy much.
  14. Are there any differences between the different servers? Or are they all pure vanilla realms?
  15. Orpheus148

    Server differences

    Oh wow so Elysium and Zeth'kur are in very early stages of vanilla then?
  16. Ok first off I understand this is Vanilla WoW and much more difficult that Live. I feel thought that I'm having a more difficult time than I should. I heard that warlocks are decent at solo content, but I seem to barely survive if at all if I get 2 or more enemies aggroed. BIggest problem is Void not holding aggro and running out of mana. Also I can't seem to get to the level requirement for the next zones by completing what i can in the current zone. Im level 20 btw
  17. Orpheus148

    Questing path

    Just started a few days ago and I'm playing a Lock. I'm a little stuck on questing not staying matched up to my level. I've done all of Elwynn, Westfall and most of Redridge I think. I'm level 18 and the only quests I have left in redridge are red and unsoloable. Am I supposed to grind out full levels just killing mobs or am I missing something?
  18. Orpheus148

    Questing path

    Thank you. I was only 15 when wow came out and wasn't into it as much as now.
  19. Orpheus148

    Questing path

    I think the quests in those areas would be grey since they start at level 10 wouldn't they? would they still give me xp?