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    Не могу сменить сервер

    Вырастая крепнем. Закрыто.
  2. В среду, после технического обслуживания, будет увеличен спавн: Black Lotus, Plaguebloom, Dreamfoil, Gromsblood, Mountain Silversage, Ghost Mushroo" и Icecap. Цель этих изменений — вернуть потребительские цены к более нормальному уровню. Это может потребовать повышения или понижения скорости респавна. Мы будем внимательно следить за тем, какое влияние это оказывает на сервер. Как всегда, мы активно поощряем обратную связь от нашего сообщества, особенно с такими изменениями. На данный момент эти изменения коснутся только серверов: «Anathema» и «Elysium».
  3. Здравствуйте, дорогие главы и участники гильдии. Чтобы не было дальнейших недоразумений по поводу задержки чистки Ваших тем, прошу Вас писать об этом в эту тему. Так Вы облегчите работу нам и Ваши темы будут вовремя чиститься. Спасибо Вам за внимание.
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    Nothing But The Truth

    Уважаемый пользователь, об этом нужно писать в багтрекер.
  5. Почему я не могу быть Шенной? Это всё потому что я ставил аватарку с Клинтон?
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    Forum - upvoting posts.

    We have too many whiners on the forum, so we will not introduce this system. Closed.
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    RP server will not be popular enough. Disapproved.
  8. Отличная работа
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    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Excellent work
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    Русский клиент

    Принято, закрепил тему во всем ру разделе.
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    Баг моделек

    Мы не оказываем поддержку по данному вопросу. Верно сказано, если античит проверит вашего персонажа, и обнаружит этот аддон - бан.
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    Не могу поиграть

    Это была ежедневная перезагрузка серверов. Закрыто.
  13. Dear Community, As you know, we are paid up until Sept/Oct with the actual hosting servers based on the donations that we have received from our faithful player base. So, why are we asking for funds again? Let’s get down to it. We are in need of roughly three bits of hardware at the moment. New realm hardware, new database replication server and a new aggregated logging server. The reason for these new pieces of hardware are so that we do not fill up the current server hard drives with the above mentioned information. Most of our gameservers are rapidly filling up their current usable storage space with loot (which there is a SIGNIFICANT amount of loot per second, roughly about 50 per second, 7 logins per second and the day of the crash had about 150 logins per second and each login generates about 3-5 log entries per login, not just one), level, kill and trade logs. We are in desperate need of additional hardware that allows for us not just to store logs in a centralized location, but also apply some filters (automatically) to these logs that will allow us to automatically catch exploiters, dupers and other wrongdoings in real time, as well for assisting in answering GM tickets. SQL Replication Servers — with the current backup system, it runs twice daily at specified times, as well as prior to any maintenance, but if a backup has issues or the realm server has issues (hardware failure, database failure, core bugs) for some reason it will give us the ability to revert to any point in time, whether it's yesterday or several minutes ago, rather than having to resort to the last backup before failure. Essentially, the extra hardware will allow us to do more frequent backups without negative performance issues on the game realms while allowing us to offer a more reliable service. New Realm Hardware — Temporary for one month, allowing us to perform much needed maintenance on the existing realm hardware without needing to take the game servers offline while the work is carried out. Each machine will have its realm moved to the temporary server, allowing us to make the changes needed without disrupting game play. Logging Server — Centralized logging server for automatic analysis of loot, level, xp, gold logs, etc.. This will allow us to catch far more gold sellers than before, as well as taking some of the pressure off the realm machines. How much will this cost? 100 USD monthly + 300 USD (for one month) in addition to Anathema+Darrowshire+Elysium server hosting + ~250 USD per month for database replication server. When are we looking to implement this? As soon as possible. Why is it actually needed? Is the Off-Loading really necessary? If you have not noticed, during the times that the servers back up, sometimes you get stuck at retrieving character list/login or the game world lags/freezes from time to time. With the additional hardware, we can remove the load/stress on the game servers by having hardware dedicated to replicating the databases as well as another machine to handle the logging data. Wallets: PayPal / YandexMoney / Bitcoin: 1LPeG1UuMRMwPq12pf5MHYWxH6X13UUS87 (QR code included, guide how to use Bitcoins) Sincerely, Elysium Staff
  14. Days have passed since the arrival of war supplies by zeppelin. Both Horde and Alliance alike have stood strong together in an act of unorthodox collaboration. The Scepter of the Shifting Sands has been completed, and the mighty Qiraji army has been repelled. The Ahn'Qiraj War has come to and end — and the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj has been OPENED! Thank you to all of our Anathema player-base for the ongoing participation (and patience) in this event. You demonstrated the true spirit of collaboration in the gathering of war supplies, completing epic and hardcore quest chains, and ultimately completing the 10 hour final event to open the gates. Our development team is working tirelessly to continue to deliver the most authentic vanilla experience as players begin to tackle the Ruins and Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. We welcome your feedback on the forums in helping make your experience as smooth as possible. Congratulations, Scarab Lords, and happy raiding!
  15. Здравствуйте, дорогие главы и участники гильдии. Чтобы не было дальнейших недоразумений по поводу задержки чистки Ваших тем, прошу Вас писать об этом в эту тему. Так Вы облегчите работу нам и Ваши темы будут вовремя чиститься. Спасибо Вам за внимание.