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    Horde retarded?

    just see it as a challenge. avoiding this person. group up with other people. or quest someplace else. :)
  2. There may never be world peace but there will always be love.
  3. damn elves have to go back! Lets make the eastern kingdoms great again!
  4. damn elves took our jobs!........they took our jobssss!
  5. I never understand the needing on an item, which you can't use?! Especially, when there is someone else in the group who could use this item. People are only thinking about themselves in the end it seems like it. I never pressed "need" on an item (not even a BOE) if it doesn't upgrade my current gear. Where's the community by helping each other ( press greed on an item someone needs for example) and reach max level together? English is not my native language and I was looking for word to describe these people. the word I found; self-centered. and narcissistic :p
  6. faellendir

    Can we fix Alliance vs Horde ratios?

    have no fear, I'm joining the alliance this evening! Let's make the Alliance great again!