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  1. 9 minutes ago, Shaze said:

    Guys this is not the troll section, yet your idea is obviously trollish or just stupid. And you can be 99% sure that there will not be such feature to transfer your characters. You are still forgetting that you play on a FREE PRIVATE server. If Blizzard decides to shutdown Elysium tomorrow, your time spent is gone forever.

    You don't want DDoS? Give the devs more money to buy better protection or hardware. You made a decision to play on Elysium and now you cry, that you cannot play on your character. Problem with guild? Start another! Just please don't take the devs time with this bullshit. Everytime the server goes down, the forum is filled by people like you.

    You are like 10 year olds that can't deal with the fact that someone takes their candy.

    An oscar for this guy.