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    [A] — EU | <Return> is recruiting!

    Bump! Still recruting.
  2. Cheech

    Confirmed hit table numbers

    Does anyone have the confirmed numbers for DW miss/dodge chances and the path to the source code part, where they are contained? Thanks in advance!
  3. Actually, I guess edgemasters+axes is an option. remember , you are going to get those axes faster, than swords BY LOT, if playing ally side...
  4. Can I try and summ up it here? The biggest difference between non-human and human is in the starting content (lets say, up to bwl). You don't have much crit/hit, thus your damage is so sensitive to the glancing damage reduction. The difference is huge, let us estimate it as "up to 10%". Later on, as you gain crit/hit, and better weps, you are getting less rage starved, which affects your HS amount, making MH glances less an issue. Thus, the damage is much less dependant on the expertise. Lets estimate it as "up to 5%". In naxx, you will be almost everytime spamming HS/cleave, depending on whether you are threatcapped or not. Also, wearing edgemasters in naxx seems to be a complete nonsense, as they will be dragging your stats way back in comparison wirh the alternatives. Thus, the difference between the human and non-human is only 5 skill max. And thus the effect of OH glancing is minor, and the hit/crit effect of the expertise is even less. At least, the spreadsheet estimates it as "not more than 3%". Please, point out the mistakes.
  5. Cheech

    PvP Arms BiS (elysium patch!)

    Did anyone try Blackhand Doomsaw? Some people say it procs a lot. Messes up you talents tho, being a polearm. Viable, compared to reaper, or not?
  6. I mean, don't use swords at all. Go edges and use axes/daggers with +7 skill. You either have to wait several months for your couple of swords, or get your not-so-bis-yet-quite-good (crul i.e.) weapons in several weeks and forget.
  7. I am now seriously thinking of whether I shall reroll gnome or not... Its seriously better pvp-wise and looking a lot funnier. AND, more importantly. Imagine a warrior/rogue queue for the cts/mala/aqr. 80% melee classes pick human as ally. Being a gnome, you just pick deathbrindger, then crul, then death's sting, then hatchet. While the others are waiting for their guns you just picks the ones, that are just slightly worse, but have 0 demand among humans. And, that should also affect council, you've got to have more chances to loot other nasty things like dft and stuff... Opinions of people playing dwarfs/gnomes on council?
  8. As always - an exhaustive answer. Thanks a lot for helping the community!
  9. Could you please clarify what do you account for that percentage? Only the glancing damage reduction, removed by the 5 racial points? Small amount of extra hit? Just raidstats for the equally geared world-buffed/critcapped players? Thats the exact theoretical basis about that estimate? thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the clarification! I must outline though, that I am playing on Elysium, so there is no real alternative to Foe, except for the Vis'kag for the next half of the year.
  11. Recently occasionally looted felstriker as a Human. Opinions of whether its now worth it to grind that Foe? Was planning to get Dal'rend set, then shifting to Vis'kag as arguably it is a bis sword (not counting hwl one) with either mala or cts. Also the edgemasters and all that stuff... looks like the logic of more stable and sustainable dps tells me no, but my body, my boooodyyy... Edit: feel free to ignore the grinding effort. Only the final dps of IF+FS vs Vis'kag+random shit is what matters.