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  1. The room of the emperor is supposed to be linked to the boss.
    If you engage the boss, all NPCs alive within this room will aid to help, as intended.
    Skipping this mechanic by feign death or vanish pulling the emperor is considered exploiting and not allowed.

    Using it to skip Kromcrush, who is just a guard in Dire Maul and also linked to the Tribute run, is allowed.
    You are not abusing anything or stopping any mechanic by doing it there.

  2. Using a pet to pull any NPC through walls, doors, gates or anything else is considered an exploit and actively punished when confirmed.

    Using an invisibility potion, slow fall or anything else ingame to skip certain dungeon parts, is completly fine and allowed.
    If you are not sure about specific strategies or our rules about them, feel free to ask anytime in an ingame ticket.

  3. Unfortunately this is not possible.

    As Ickus said the technical limitations of MaNGOS do not allow this currently, you would have to rework a lot on the core to just make this even a possibility.
    Then there is, as Tribe2 said, the difference of Patch & Item progression between all servers, which would make it unfair for players of Elysium to play against players of Anathema.

  4. The server reaches up to 9000 players during peak times.

    Lag is to be expected, we are holding almost 4 times the amount of an actual full/high retail vanilla server on Elysium alone.


    We are always working on improving the performance and to decrease lag/freezes/crashes, however we are a volunteer project and this has never changed.

    I recommend reading this: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElysiumProject/comments/6rrv5l/sysadmins_servers_and_you/