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  1. This is not a bug.

    It is a hackfix to come close to the proc it is supposed to have at this time, since the actual proc it had during this patch is not in the game files anymore.


    3 stacks and 16 stamina are a 1.10 change

  2. Forum and ingame accounts are different.

    Forum accounts are made here, on the forums.

    Ingame accounts are made on our actual website.


    If you receive the "already used" issue try to log into the control panel on the actual website using the credentials you tried to sign up with.

    If you can't log in, create a new account, but while using a different, preferably fresh installed, browser or your current browser with all addons disabled, and preferably the incognito mode enabled.

    If you can log in, request a new verification email. Repeat that until it goes through, with a few minutes break in between each new attempt.


    If that does not work, add [email protected] to your contact list and resend it, again a few times with a few minutes as break in between your attempts.

  3. If we can't restore the character because the deletion is too far in the past, there is nothing we can do.


    Realmplayers is not reliable and accurate, anyone can download our core from Github, set up their own server, create their "dream char" with GM commands and then upload it to realmplayers using the VF_WoWLauncher.

    We would get stormed with such "restoration" requests, from which almost all would be fake characters that never even existed

  4. There may be logs for that, but not in the hands of every GM.

    We do not have the time to go through them anyways for each character that was compromised.


    It would severely disturb us from our main tasks.

    Usually we would not recover anything, since account security is the responsibility of the account owner, just like it was on Nostalrius.

    We did introduce a quest item restoration service however, and that is pretty much everything we can do for a player if he has been hacked.