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  1. Make sure you are actually using the correct credentials.

    The email is not your accountname, your username you set it to be is.


    If you have the client still installed, open the directory, go into "WTF" and then "Account".

    There you will see all accountnames listed you ever used to login anywhere on a vanilla server.


    Also, the forum account is different from the ingame account.

    Your game credentials won't work on the forum and vice versa

  2. Greetings


    Unfortunately an ingame ticket for your situation is required.

    As I can see you both have one open, we will try to resolve it quickly for you.

    However, in your situation a senior GM is needed and then at the same time you both are online.


    This can take a bit, we don't ignore your Ticket or anything. It's simply your case being a bit more difficult to resolve.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.