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  1. Hey, wondering if anyone can share some insight to help me with prot tanking. I'm lucky enough to be a guild that's currently 7/8 BWL and looking to aq40 shortly who are happy to have a prot Pala along for the ride. As our gear level accelerates threats become a bigger issue for me. I was wondering what people suggest for rotations for best threat. I was usually using JoL or JoW and then righteousness. I saw a threat study donwnrecently and they were actually usong JotC. I'd really love to be able to confidently do fights like hakkar and ossirian but struggle to keep up in threat. Any ideas are welcome. Look me up on realmplayers if you like same name as on forums. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for the reply Killer :) Solid advice... can you elaborate on the 2% block enchant? Is stamina always better.. even when better geared?

    Also when it comes to librams is 100hp the best.. even over 125 armor? I'm now curious as to if the enchants adivce changes as you get better geared and if so how.




  3. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering about your thoughts of preferences for enchants and librams for prot spec? I am about to level 60 and am somewhat daunted by the lack of intellect on pre raid gear.. so i was wondering if slotting in mana/int enchants in places is worthwhile or not. Also for sheild enchant i would assume 2% block is absolutely the best but again my logic  might be found lacking.


    Hit me up :) Cheers