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Separate PvP/PvE server subforum

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The Nostalrius forums had a separeate PvP and PvE community section. See screenshot below:




Now however we have just 1 subforum for PvP and 1 for PvE related issues. Pottu said they're not server specific, all PvP related issues should go in the PvP section, all PvE related issues in the PvE section. No matter the server.


While that's not a huge problem, I don't think that's a good idea. As a PvE server player I don't know anything about the PvP server community. It's not relevant to me what happens on the PvP server, I'm only interested in events on the PvE server. So it's just confusing if you mix both sides together. The solution on the old Nostalrius forum was the best imo. Please make it like that again :).

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