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Hello there !

I've been playing on the PVP server since Nostalrius was released, got myself three 60s there and on their way to BWL. I'm growing tired of all the ganking and I feel like the server is overpopulated. Don't get me wrong : it's a nice thing to play with others but I just can't stand the "lul I'm t2 sham frostshock ya lvl 25 mage". Everywhere I go it's the same thing (note that I don't have a problem with ganking, at least when it remains occasional).

I'd be considering to roll on the PVE server. But since there are so many trolls decent folks arguing on the PVP's /world that your server is boring, I'd like to hear from you. How's been your experience on the server so far ? What's different (if you've already played on the PVP one) ? Don't you miss the thrill of ganking or of being ganked ?

Have a nice evening :)

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It really depends what you are looking for and how much tolerance do you have for bull poo.

First of all, people don't pug anything more then UBRS. There are couple of good guilds who are clearing all available content and waiting for BWL to be open, so if you can get your self in one of those you might have some good time (if farming MC and Ony can be called that way), but other then that, I can't see any of new guilds doing same any time soon. Number of players who are fresh to vanilla, and who are just looking to endlessly level their toons without getting their hands on end game content, is mind blowing. Don't get me wrong, there are good PvE players, just you hardly can find them outside those top guilds and you'll most likely need a lot of patience for any 5 men run with number of random players.

On good side, community is, all in all, much more tolerant and generally behaving better. Ofc, don't expect realm completely free from troll wanna be ill mannered kids, but I'm pretty sure their percent is much lower then on any other realm. I found my self more then once in run that was generally slow, and not quite good from the player stand point, but on personal level I had really good time with total randoms who were genuinely nice people. Also, I appreciated a lot, that, when you are farming consumables for raid you won't have to waste time on unwanted world PvP (which was, for me, major reason to roll on old Nost PvE)

I hope this makes it bit more clear for you.

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