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[Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List

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In response to the Alliance master list of guilds, we're putting together a list of all known/planned HORDE guilds. This way, we can encourage both guild recruitment and inter-guild cooperation. We need to band together as a faction. If you have or are planning on creating a Horde guild, please post here with all relevant information about your guild:

  • Guild name
  • Guild description
  • Timezone(s)
  • Schedule
  • Objectives
  • Links to Discord server, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • Anything else you want people to know

I'll update this top post with all responses. Thank you so much!



  • <Ahjo> Raiding/PvP | EU | building strong, social Finnish community, semi-hardcore raiding group | dynamic raid schedule, 19:00-23:00 GMT+2
  • <Authentic> Raiding/PvP | NA | determined and relaxed | Wed, Sun, Mon evenings EST | Discord Apply
  • <Bleach Drinkers> Raiding/PvP | worldwide | mature guild focused on gaining loot and PvP titles | Fri, Sat (Sun) 21:00-24:00 EST | Discord Guild Post
  • <Breakthrough> Raiding/PvP | US | extremely active, competitive, laid-back | Sat, Sun 5-8 PM CST | Discord Apply
  • <Broken Syntax> Raiding | worldwide | hardcore, competitive, well-organized | Wed, Sun (Sat) 18:30-22:30 GMT+1 | Discord
  • <Celebrity> Raiding/PvP | NA/EU | hardcore, big time commitment, prefer rankers, aiming for top guild | Tue, Thu, Sun 8 PM EST | Website Guild Post
  • <Consilium> PvE | SWE/NO | highly-experienced PvP/PvE crew | Website
  • <Dankk Budz Collective> Raiding | US/EU | mature, hardcore, competitive, one of largest Horde guilds on Nost | Sat (Sun) 10 PM CET/1 PM EST | Discord Forum Guild Post
  • <Death By Nostalgia> Raiding/PvP | EU/US | focused on faction unity and cooperation | Fri, Sat, Sun afternoon EST | Discord Charter YouTube
  • <Global Revolution> Raiding/PvP | EU/NA | progressive raiding and regular PvP events, helpful, friendly, fun | Sun, Mon | YouTube Discord Guild Post Website
  • <Grandmasters> PvE/PvP | EU/GER | highly-experienced PvP/PvE crew | Website
  • <Illustrious> Raiding | EU | experienced raiding team, well-organized | Thu, Sun, Mon 6:45-11 PM CET | Website Guild Post
  • <In Silence> PvE | EU/NA | hardcore/semi-hardcore, trying for server firsts | Twitter Discord
  • <INFECTED> PvE/Raiding | GER/EU | well-organized |  Wed, Thu 19:00-23:00  | Teamspeak Website Guild Post
  • <Jujazzic Park> PvE | SWE/NOR | mature, experienced leadership going for fast clears | Wed, Thu, Sun 19.00 - 23.00 GMT+1 | Discord Website

  • <Kor Kron Enforcers> World-PvP/Raiding | worldwide | large, disciplined army to invade cities and purge zones | dynamic schedule | Discord Forum Guild Post
  • <Lords> PvE | CZ/SK | looking for all CZ/SK players | 19:00 GMT+1 | Discord Facebook
  • <Metastasis> PvE/Raiding/PvP | EU | professional, competitive, highly-experienced leaders, world firsts on retail | dynamic schedule | Website Discord
  • <Murloc Holmes> Raiding/PvP | US/EU | dedicated to raiding, welcomes seasoned raiders and new players | dynamic schedule | Website
  • <Oceanics Thirteen> Raiding | AU/NZ | Australian/New Zealand-based | Tue, Thu, Sun 8 PM AEDT | Discord Website Guild Post
  • <Odobenus Rosmarus> Raiding | EU | friendly yet competitive raid environment | Sun, Wed 19.30 - 22.30 CET | Website Discord
  • <Recipe for Hate> PvE/PvP | worldwide | short, intense and disciplined raids, keeping up with the so called "hard core" raiders | Wed, Sun 21:00 - 24:00 CET | Guild Post Website Apply

  • <Stackenblochen> PvP | EU/GER | relaxed and laid back alt-friendly social, leveling, PvP guild | no set raiding schedule | Discord
  • <The Blasphemy Council> PvE/PvP | GMT/UTC | semi-hardcore, looking for mature, organized, bloodthirsty orcs | 6 PM - 12 AM CET | Website Guild Post
  • <The Deviate Gang> Raiding/PvP | US/EU | semi-hardcore, well-established, low-pressure vibe | Sat, Sun 7-10 PM PST (7-10 PM CET) | Website Discord Guild Post
  • <The Thundering Legion> Raiding/ PvP | NA/EU | seeking fun, friendly, mature and yet serious weekend raiders | Sat, Sun 19:00-23:00 GMT+1 | Website
  • <Twelve Years a Grind> PvP/PvE | NA | recruiting for endgame and PvP, looking for mature players 25+ | Sat, Sun 5 PM EST | Website

  • <UnderGround> Raiding/PvP | US/EU | close-knit, focused on community, pushing end-game content | Wed, Thu 5-8 PM EST | Guild Post Apply Website
  • <Unity of Turks> PvE/PvP | TUR | semi-hardcore Turkish guild looking for friendly, mature, serious members | Sat, Sun 18-22:00 GMT + 1 | /w Merhaba

  • <VoxNation> Raiding/PvP | worldwide | semi-hardcore, focused on community | dynamic schedule | Discord Guild Post

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Death by Nostalgia


Death By Nostalgia is an energized Raiding and PvP guild set to bring together both European and American folks. We're currently focused on faction unity, cooperation, and getting things done even if we're not at the forefront.

Evening EU, Afternoon US

Saturday Afternoon EST, Sunday Afternoon EST, possibly Friday afternoon/evenings EST.

Join our Discord Server : https://discord.gg/qmSc4Uu
Our Guild Charter: http://tinyurl.com/RnDGuildCharter
Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRobandDanShow

We want to be a positive, active part of the server that brings groups of people together for the benefit of everyone. Whether it's networking between guilds, assisting with crafting or resources, or even helping with lending our raidings to another group for a short time. We want strength for everyone, not just ourselves, and that attitude will make us dominate the Alliance, dominate the server, and make this the best experience we've had yet in WoW.

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Authentic is a NA guild on the Horde side focusing on Raiding, PvP and building a Chill community for everyone to enjoy. Have a drink, and have some fun. We are on EST timezone so our hours reflect it.

Goals: We want to bring forth a solid raid team, competitive PvP, and a place to hangout. We want people to come with determination, willing to improve, and bring a little personality too :)

Evening EST

Raid times: Wednesday Evening   Sunday Evening   Monday Evening

Discord: https://discord.gg/k7D6a7s


All in all our goals are to become a well functioning, relaxing and progressive community. Whether it be killing Dragons, Knockin over some Alliance or having a few drinks at the Tavern. We want Authentic to feel like a place for you to enjoy the good ol game of Warcraft.

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UnderGround focuses on our community, our members, and creating the best gaming atmosphere we can for those who want to game the way THEY want to game. 

Evening US, Night EU

Wednesday From 5PM EST to 8PM EST
Thursday From 5PM EST to 8PM EST

We are a tight knit group of gamers that progression raid and PvP who want to push end game content while keeping the game as fun as possible.

Recruitment Thread: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/29132-h-na-elysuim-pvp-server/
Apply: http://www.ug4l.com/applicationform/world-of-warcraft-elysium-horde-raid-team.2/form
Website: http://www.UG4L.com

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<The Deviate Gang>


<The Deviate Gang> is a new US / EU Horde Raiding guild who hopes to create a fun environment while clearing out Raid content at a Semi-Hardcore level. Expect Deviate Delights, fun, gambling, duels, drinking, and other fun Vanilla activities members decide on. We also plan to hold PvP Raids on opposing faction cities, as well as having group open PvP whenever a group wants to get together. Besides a semi-hardcore raiding guild, we want to create fun memories with good friends having good times. If we feel that you are a good player but do not fit our low-pressure vibe, we will likely decline you.

We are already one of the most established guilds prior to the release of Elysium. Apply today to become a well established member.

Loot System: DKP

Raid Times: 2 Raid Groups, Raid A: 7-10pm PST Sat/Sun, Raid B: 7-10pm CET Sat/Sun

Application/Site:  http://deviate.shivtr.com

Discord:  https://discord.gg/gMVpYzk

Elysium Site Link: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/22970-horde-fresh-start-raiding-best-fun/


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<Bleach Drinkers> Fresh guild with players from groups of old guilds merging together into creating a focused raiding guild with pvp being our top priority when not on raid groups. We have a discord that always has somebody on since our member are from so many different time zones. Prior to the release of the server, we have been forming leveling groups that will work with the times players will be on along with the races the players will start with. We are a Mature guild and are taking anyone interested in similar goals of getting phat loots and pvp titles.

Loot System will be loot council based.


Discord: https://discord.gg/NJy8rXJ

Elysium Forum post: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/28880-h-bleach-drinkers/



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-NA & EU

-Actually Hardcore, full consumables required, big time investments req. to play with us, prefer rankers (r13/14)

-1-2 Guild Premades running constantly for rankers

-Suffocating presence come World Boss time

-Tues/Thurs/Sun @ 8pm EST for Raids - NA & EU Friendly if you can make the time, have ~10-15 Euros so far

-Eventual Server firsts depending on release timing (BWL+), World Bosses, Premades, aiming to be top Guild if not top 3 at worst

-Bourbonpie#7025 - GM if you want to Chat, Website - http://elysiumcelebrity.shivtr.com/

-Having fun while not fucking around, taking our play seriosuly

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  • Name
    • <Dankk Budz Collective>
  • Description
    • We are a very chill english speaking Horde raiding guild. We are based around accommodating both US and EU players. People know us from Nostalrius where we were an established raiding guild and one of the largest on Horde side for that matter, including being one of the very few guilds who ran two concurrent BWL raids that both were able to kill Nefarian before the server shut down. We're providing a mature, hardcore and competetive raiding environment, but without sacrificing the fun or too much of our real life for it.
  • Timezones
    • EU & US
    • Saturdays (main raid day): 10pm CET, 4pm EST, 1pm PST
    • Sundays (auxiliary raid day): Same times
    • About 3-4 hours of raiding time for the main raid, a similar amount of time or less for the second raid day.
    • We will be using an intelligent DKP system
  • Objectives
    • Competetive and hardcore raiding
    • Pushing endgame content
    • Speedrunning
    • Having fun
  • Links

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  • Guild name: <Murloc Holmes>
  • Guild description: Mature raiding guild,  dedicated to raiding, creating a friendly, helpful environment while leveling and raiding and a desire to succeed.
  • Timezone(s): US/EU
  • Schedule: 3 Raid nights a week, determined by best fit for the guild, PvP/farming during offtime
  • Objectives: End game raiding, create a long term guild atmosphere, compete for world bosses and be hated by the opposite faction for rolling them.
  • Links to Discord server, Twitter, YouTube, etc. : http://www.murloc-holmes.enjin.com  TeamSpeak info on the website!
  • Anything else you want people to know: Plenty of raiding experience MC/Ony -> Nax on vanilla live servers. Experience through BWL on Nost and AQ40 on Rebirth. Many raiders belonging to Murloc on both servers coming to roll fresh with the guild. We welcome seasoned raiders and will help any new player learn everything there is to vanilla raiding!

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<Meet Your Makers>

HORDE | EU based | High-End PvE Raiding | Fresh Start PvP

<Meet Your Makers> itself has been around since late Vanilla/Early TBC, competing for world ranks, however, this re-establishment of the infamous <MyM> doesn't mean that it's 110% hardcore. Our intentions is not to be no-lifing in Vanilla, since we're adults now and we're expecting the majority of the players to be mid 20's to early 30's. However, our major goal is to bring together a handful of exceptional players and shine on the way of becoming top tier guild on the server.


* Fast (efficient) leveling to be ready for raiding asap.

* Professionalism and good knowledge of the game & vanilla raids and your class & role.

* Be 100% prepared for raids – Pre-raid BiS gear+ ,Bring all consumables to each raid ... etc.

* Attendance close to 100%.

* Have a friendly attitude, be willing to learn and improve, while also accepting criticism.

* Play for the team, which is the guild, not just for yourself.

* Good knowledge of the English language.

* Read the forum & Discord.

What can we offer YOU as a member?

* Solid leadership with 10+ years of experience.

* A Friendly and experienced community with an active Discord server.

* Class leaders with really good knowledge.

* Great guild achievements.

* A really fun Vanilla WoW experience.

Currently Recruiting:

Handful of exceptional players 


More on 


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Glad you had more luck than me:

those are the info I gathered, good luck with your list, keep it updated.

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[Horde] Elysium PVP Server - VoxNation

VoxNation is recruiting members from all walks of Life, we are a semi-hardcore Raiding/PVP guild. that focus more on building a great Community with like-minded individuals.

                We have a Discord and headphones are required microphone is not. I need you to hear ^_^

           If you do not have Discord: https://discordapp.com/ its 100% FREE!!!

            Our Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cCaN4DV

            Age Requirement: 18, children of members are welcome, there will be a channel in Discord that will be PG-13. that is free to anybody that wants to keep it clean.

                We are in need of PvE offices and PvP organizers, there will be no application process you will just have a one-on-one with yours truly ^_^. through discord.

           As the guild/community grows, so will our requirements.



                           below will be a list of classes, availability.

                         Druid: OPEN

                         Hunter: OPEN

                         Mage: OPEN

                         Priest: OPEN

                         Rogue: OPEN

                        Shaman: OPEN   

                        Warlock: OPEN

                         Warrior: OPEN                                                         



RULES: discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. list of some below to not get mixed up in..


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You must not interrupt...

Soon my fellow friends, but just not there yet...not now...we are close.

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it?

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<Breakthrough> [H] [U.S.] [Fresh Start]

Guild Info:
Our current core of players have been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla retail, and also played Nostalrius. We have a pretty casual and laid back attitude, but our progression is closely compared to hardcore guilds. On the launch we will be playing extremely actively and competitively, expect us all to be the most active between 5:00PM-1:00AM CST during the week and on weekends.

Guild Goal:
Gather a group of exceptional, laid back players to fill our core raid team, slaughter some Alliance, have a few drinks, and en joy the game with.

Raid Schedule:
Saturday 5:00PM-8:00PM Central Standard Time.
Sunday 5:00PM-8:00PM Central Standard Time. (Runs could run as late as 9:00 on Sunday the first few clears)

Loot Distribution:
Extended +1 (Ask me for details)

Currently Recruiting:
Throw me a message for our current core needs. All social players are more than welcome to join and fill in when needed.

If you're looking for a fun guild with some serious progression, and an all around good time, give me a shout. 'Merica.

Discord: https://discord.gg/mCy39VX
Apply at breakthrough-elysium.shivtr.com/ 

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<The Thundering Legion>  *Brand New* Serious Weekend Raiding | NA & EU | Sat+Sunday 19-23:00 GMT+1 (server time) | Hidden DKP |

More Info: Seeking fun, friendly, mature and yet serious weekend raiders, read a lot more info on our website. If accepted you'll have increased access to our Forums, Discord Channel, additional raiding information etc.


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