Player 1 (Me)
Class: Priest
Spec: Disc(?)
Faction: N/A Player 2 (Partner)
Class: Rogue(?)
Spec: N/A
Faction: N/A   Personal History I am an experienced World of Warcraft player that began my journey through Azeroth near the end of TBC until the early weeks of Cata - other than a few resubs here and there which never kept me hooked for long. During that time I've played many different accounts, characters, classes and play-styles while my most achieved class is MM Hunter in wrath with pre-nerf 25m ICC clear and 2700 in S8. I've had other experiences such as gladiator in S7-S8 with the following classes; Hunter, Rogue, Rdruid and less impressive Duelist/Rival with Priest, Warrior, DK. My PvE experience is quite limited as I only did ICC for gear in S8 and other than that I've never really had much interest. I guess I could include that I returned in Legion for 3(?) months to test the Demon Hunter class and I ended up clearing the Emerald Nightmare on HC in the first week while consistently being in the top 3 dps on boss fights? Player 2 is an old friend and arena partner of mine who is currently playing Retail with the possible interest of playing Elysium on release, he also has duelist+ on his main (Rogue) and is above decent at several different classes. Right now he is playing Feral/DK in both PvE & PvP but for obvious reasons I think he would probably play Rogue on Elysium.   Personal Objectives The whole reason I'm going to be playing on Elysium is quite literally because there is no decent games to play right now and my irl has slowed down dramatically so I'm fairly bored. It's a real shame there's no arena in Vanilla but I'm sure I can find some fun small scale fights here and there - at least that's what I'm hoping for. I've thought about the class I'd like to play and I've settled on Priest, over the next few days I'll be putting together a BiS list while refreshing my memory on classic talent trees & "mechanics". Here's a short list of my aims/objectives/interests for ease BiS gearing 2-3d raid time-table Premade PvP - World & BGs Fun   Guild Requirements I have no interest in being in a casual, community based guild which I do not benefit from and while the below list will seem kind of elitist I don't mind semi-hardcore guilds albeit less so. Progressive play-style Top-tier gameplay - no salt, no qq, no keeping dead weight because they're a "cool guy" Mature membership Effective leadership Similar goals/objectives An understanding of irl vs. game - to a degree Discord   Contact If you think we'd be a good addition to your roster or if you require more information then please let me know. Discord - Ashley#3504 or message me on here.