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Seeking players of all nationalities (NON-ENGLISH!)

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Hi everyone.

I'm the creator of the site elysiumstatus.com. We're currently adding translations to the site. The site isn't huge, but we'd like it covered in all nationalities.

I was wondering if I could get some help from you guys here!

This is the file that needs to be translated. (English language file).

Only the strings inside the "content". Only replace the values on the right side. (The left side are variables).

How to contribute

1. Copy the text above.

2. Replace the values on the right side with the equivalent word in your language.

3. Re-upload to Pastebin and post the link in this forum, together with the language.

Translation-credit will be given! :D 

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23 hours ago, njamnjam said:

German translation here

Awesome site, makes the fight against the "login-boss" much easier :)


22 hours ago, Demoniaco said:

Brazilian Portuguese



20 hours ago, Guffeluffe said:

Danish translation here.


20 hours ago, freeone said:

Bulgarian translation



Thanks alot guys! Your translations have been added to the site and repository.

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