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Elysium RP Discord

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Hello there! I think it’s about time that we start advertising this more heavily, so here goes:

The Elysium RP Discord is an established Discord server dedicated to giving a home to all RPers on Elysium’s servers. With about 300 members, we are an active community that hosts and encourages RP, promoting RP guilds and community events. We are also very receptive to suggestions for open events, or even for anyone to host their own! So if you would like help in advertising/organising an event, you need only ask.

Although most of our active members are based on Darrowshire currently, we are more than open to guilds and players from other realms! There are also those with an interest in RP-PvP (especially on Elysium PvP), so if that’s a major draw for you, I’m sure something could be organised!

So if you’re looking to find and create RP, join a guild or event, we hope the Discord server will be a helpful community for you!

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. don’t hesitate to reply, or message me privately here or in-game.

And most importantly, if you’re wishing to join, here is the link: 

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