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[A] OCEANIC time raid PuG - Thurs - MC, Sun - BWL

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<Keep The Change> 

Raid will start at 11:00 am server time (GMT+1)

Loot rules will be roll dissolve (my own pug loot rule)

------------------------loot rules---------------------------------


every epic item won, reduces your next roll value by 20, this means you can win more than 1 epic in the pug, you just have to be luckier, designed to keep people from leaving after winning an item.

crafting materials / patterns / ingots / bindings are reserved for guild (including gem bag / random blues from ONYs)

limited reserves (items reserved until we don't need them) : Brutality blade, Azuresong Mageblade

All T1 BoEs will be rolled on at the end of the night, so you don't have to get your roll reduced on a minor upgrade piece of gear.



Please Contact Ironskillet, Ironfingers, Syanis, or Zaldre in game for questions

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Bobahunt - Marksmanship


We'll try pull some of our attuned guildies from <No Target> if they can make it


Edit: for the Upcoming Monday MC PUG, Vanquished will most likely not be able to make it

Edited by Bobajojo

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after achieving 10/10 MC, and while still in need of recruits, we would like to open up pugs into BWL on mondays and hope that you join us as a guild as well!

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