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Oldschool WoW Rage Memory Lane

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Some of the greatest hits across WoW's history in the "Ventrillo Rage" genre. Add your own if I missed your favorites.

Onyxia Guy aka Dives from Wipe Club - Maybe the most famous WoW rager, his character name was Dives from the guild Wipe Club. While known for Onyxia Wipe, he has multiple similar videos.

  1. Onyxia Wipe
  2. Ragnaros Wipe
  3. Razorgore Kiting Fail


Leeroy Jenkins - The other contender for most well-known, but I put it after Dives because this one was a staged parody

Nevermind Ninja - A very famous ninja video, allegedly perpetrated by a member of the infamous, multi-game griefer guild, Merciless Midgets

2v2 Arena Disband - After gaining 1 point at a time for several hours, a 2v2 team apparently containing Vince Vaughn hits a losing streak


Bleeding Hollow 4-Part Warrior vs. Mage Ventrillo Duel - After a frost mage loses to a warrior because of a resisted frost nova, a 4-part series of excuses and rage ensues.

  1. Part 1: How does it feel to lose to a warrior?
  2. Part 2: Make more excuses
  3. Part 3: Can't count without your counting skills can you?
  4. Part 4: Your parents are French and you were born in Canada


Ulduar Post Wipe Rage - After wiping in Ulduar because of low gear score, a Bill Murray impersonator brings the salt

Lightning Capacitor Master Loot - A shaman who wants Lightning Capacitor was not told before it dropped that the item was reserved for a mage

Calling it on Gorefiend - A poor performance on Gorefiend causes this raid leader to call it for the night

You Can't Be Ret And Holy - A drunk girl loses her mind when an item is accidentally given to the wrong Paladin


70 Rogue Loses To 59 Hunter Renniks vs. Draconum - A 59 Hunter successfully convinces his guild that he killed a level 70 Shadowstep Rogue, and the Rogue allows himself to get trolled in broken English after joining their Ventrillo.

  1. Part 1: Obvious it is you are good not
  2. Part 2: Serpent Sting, kite you, make you die
  3. Part 3: I feel sorry to you, my friend feel sorry to you
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