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Working SpellStopCasting() with /lunamo

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I'm trying to make a macro that will stop my current casting and then cast a spell, but I can't get it to work.

If I run

/script SpellStopCasting()
/lunamo Holy Light

It will cast Holy Light on my mouseover target. If I press it again, it should stop the casting and cast Holy Light again. However if I press it within the GCD it stops the cast but doesn't cast it again (which it should because SpellStopCast shouldn't trigger the GCD). If I press it after GCD then it correctly stops the cast and casts it again, but the animation is missing. Now if I press it again it simply doesn't work at all, no matter when I press it. Only way to cancel the cast is to press esc or move.

I can use a separate macro with only the stopcast command in it and that will work, but when they are combined into one macro they don't.

It also doesn't work with

/script SpellStopCasting()
/cast Holy Light

even with no addons enabled.


Any help on this? I really want to have a macro where I can press a button to keep recasting Holy Light on a tank until he's missing enough HP to let the cast finish.

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hmm it should work, dunno, tested it now.


You need 2 clicks, first for stopcast, second for holylight

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I'm having the exact same issue. 

I'm using this


/script SpellStopCasting();
/lunamo Flash Heal(Rank 2)

If I press this macro and start casting then press it a 2nd time, my spell will stop casting but then i get the interrupted cast error message when it should be instantly queuing up the spell again. Have you had any luck figuring this out?

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