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Honesty is important

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I dont play on anathema, but from what I have read. And just from past server experience, AQ40 isnt ready for launch yet.

and I think the elysium staff is afraid to admit this and is trying to stall using the WE (which is what hundreds of other people think as well).

If this is true, their mistake isnt that AQ40 isnt finished. their mistake isn't telling us, and not asking for our support in finishing the raid with PTR and/or open source coding.

I'm sure there are dozens if not hundreds of people who would flood to a AQ40 PTR just so they can practice and test the raids to report bugs / revise strategies.

I take the same approach in anything... I always try to be honest because beating around the bush usually never works.

I would appreciate a staff much more for telling me "hey guys, AQ isnt ready yet but help us out and we can get this goin on live in 6 weeks! lets do it!" rather than, again, beating around the bush and trying to act like everything is A OK. I'm sure me and many others would be far more dedicated to a staff that openly communicates with us honestly then trying to hide their mistakes.. THAT EVERYONE MAKES BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES... so tell us.. and let us help you.

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You do realize they haven't told us anything that isn't true, right? When Crogge invited us all into his discord "Q and A" he thoroughly explained all of this...

I recall him saying that SCRIPTING for AQ40 is DONE (or at least 90% done). This still requires testing, updating, retesting, updating again, retesting again, and then MAYBE it's ready for Live. You can't expect them to do everything you ask at the moment you ask it. Fucking privileged people. Learn how to be patient and wait for things to come.

Would you rather them work hard and get to a spot where they can finally have guilds test it out, or continually have to stop working on it, come on these fourms just to post saying "hey guys, we are working on it" and then go back to work after losing their train of thought? You must be dumb kid. You think they don't want this shit finished and active? No other private server has come this far, and if Elysium staff makes AQ40 go LIVE, then they will be the first to do so on a custom core.

Be grateful.

The way I see it you have 2 choices: Stop playing because all you do is complain, or stop complaining and play the (FREE) game.



(btw if you don't play on Anathema, why the FUCK do you care about AQ40? the other pvp servers have over a year until we get to that point. But let me guess, you can't wait a year can you? you need an answer today for a problem you won't be experiencing for a year. fucking child)

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Except there has been no PTR testing yet. For comparison, Nost had PTR testing in AQ on 1-2 bosses per week (~1 month of PTR testing for the entire instance if it hadn't gotten the shutdown notice partway through it). Since we haven't heard anything about PTR testing, that's a sign to me that AQ scripting is at least a month away from being ready.

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1 hour ago, SaintPaul said:


Another sad lonely human for banning please admins.

Yes, please ban me for posting the truth on the forums. That's exactly how this shit works. fucktard.

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