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What macros/scripts are there to buy multiple stacks and to click the accept frame?

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1.) "Do you really want to..." - yes, accept. This usually works with the simply macro "/click StaticPopup1Button1" but that did not work for me here in 1.12.1 - what works here?

2.) What macro or script is used/allowed, to buy multiple stacks very easily. Lets say simple vials for levelling alchemy?

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/run StaticPopup1Button1:Click()


/run local n='Crystal Vial' local q=10 for i =1,50 do if GetMerchantItemInfo(i) == n then BuyMerchantItem(i,q) end end

you have to change the 'n' to equal to the name of the item you want to buy and 'q' to the amount of times you want to buy the item.

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