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Thank you Elysium, for properly scripting Ret Paladins Blizzlike (unlike every other private server)

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[–]eli_cas 5 points 11 hours ago 

Not surprising. The one thing good to say about Elysium is they really have made strides to fix a lot of Mangos bugs specific to Ret Paladins that most other Mangos servers have ignored until now, simply because of the spec being under represented and considered a joke.

Doesn't help that the champions of the spec on the scene for the last few years/servers have also been particularly abrasive. Good to see at least one server treating the class right.


That made me laugh lolololol

it's like, "HELLO?!?!? MCFLY?!?!? How the @#$% do you think we got to this point with bug fixes in the first place?!?!?"

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Elicas aka Crestfall :)  , no wonder why he pointed on us , but at least i tell him thank you for reminding community about us.

/Kind regards Killerduki

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