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2FA Removal Requests

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Dear Community,

The 2FA removal process is starting next week and previously created requests do not need to be reposted!

Players who wish to remove the two-factor authentication (2FA) from their game accounts, but do not have the backup email or access to their authenticator software anymore, can now make a removal request by filling out this form:

  • Screenshot of Password-Reset Email (Send yourself a password reset email and take a screenshot of it with your whole email inbox with date and time stamp from computer showing the current time at time of request for removal of 2FA):
  • Account Creation date (rough estimate, or screenshot of creation email if you have it): 
  • Account name
  • Last login date:
  • Full List of Characters in Account:
  • Realm
  • Top-most character in list:
  • Professions:
  • Additional info (more info is always better in this case):

...and posting it in the appropriate forum section:

https://forum.elysium-project.org/forum/491-2fa-removal-requests (NOTE: All information posted will be only visible to staff members!)

If any further information is required, we will ask for it in the same thread. Not answering back within a week, will make the removal request invalid.

On average, the request should be processed within a week and the applicant's will receive one of the following responses:

  • APPROVED  — Your request has been approved and the 2FA will be removed immediately.
  • EXTENDED REVIEW — Additional information/clarification is required and thus the review process will last longer than a week.
  • REFUSED — Your request has been rejected and 2FA won't be removed.

Best regards,
Elysium Staff

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8 hours ago, XRipclaw said:

Why would you want to remove it ?

We aren't removing 2FA. We are just offering players a way to remove 2FA from their account if they've lost access to their authenticator and they do not have the backup email anymore(meaning they cannot access their game accounts anymore). Happens way more often than one might think.


Best regards!

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