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[H] <Kor Kron Enforcers> | World-PvP | EU/NA

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About Kor Kron 

We are one of the oldest and most renowned World-PvP guilds on the Elysium servers. We are an effective war machine capable of amassing and commanding large armies and enforcing the will of the Horde upon the land.  We thrive in honorable combat and salute our enemies whilst marching defiantly on top of their corpses.

Our goal is to shut-down the Alliance capitals and dominate as many contested territories as we can. We will fight for the Horde to enforce and secure our place as the dominant faction in open world PvP. Our desire is to elevate the tactical approach to World-PvP in order to improve the public's perception on it. Our way is to try and provide a truly unique Vanilla experience to every player on Elysium and to get as many people involved with World-PvP. And of course, to have lots and lots of fun doing it.


Minimum Level: 25+

In order to ensure that our operations are conducted properly, we will require that our members have at least the minimum level required to make any sort of impact in any of the contested areas we will be targeting. By insisting on a minimal level to join our guild, we will therefore prevent both the overpopulation of our guild and increase the chances that our recruits will be well received within our community and not abandon their journey to reach maximum level. 

If you are under this level and wish to join us, do not worry! We are here to stay and we will always welcome new recruits regardless of their experience, dedication or skill at the game. Take your time to level your characters the way you want to and come to us when you are ready. We will still be here to welcome you. 

Attendance to one event per week 

We put a lot of effort into organizing these events. Unlike players who play this game for PvE raids or the PvP battlegrounds, our conquest has no dedicated arena. We have to create our own battlegrounds and plan our coordinated attacks in advance. We work tirelessly to perfect our raids, to recruit new members, to listen and act to the feedback we are provided with, maintain discipline and decency in our community, manage the guild, plan exciting events in advance and secure and strengthen our alliances. 

The only thing we ask in advance is for your participation. We will provide you with food buffs. We will provide you with summons. We will provide you with experienced leadership to ensure that both your time and ours is never wasted. 

We announce our raids days in advance and generally raid in the afternoon server-time to allow both Europeans and North Americans to attend our raids. If you cannot make it to our raids for whatever reason and you pardon yourself in advance, there is no issue with us. However, if you are online doing anything but raiding with us after we've announced it days beforehand and reminded you throughout the day of the event, you will receive a warning. The second warning means you are out of this guild, no questions asked. 

Discord is absolutely mandatory for our raids. We will not need you to talk, but we will need you to listen. We cannot stop and type just for you when we are engaging the enemy in a capital city. The difference between being alive next to us and being left behind, caught by Frost Novas and stomped by an Alliance raid is sometimes of a split second that we do not want to waste.  

Decent behavior

Every player is different and we've welcomed many types of players of all ages and cultures into our guild. To avoid drama we avoid any opinionated conversation on all controversial subjects including, but not limited to: race, gender, religion, politics etc. We welcome impersonal and unbiased debates on broader subjects which might include those topics, but we would prefer that you keep the lengthy conversations to Discord or private messages and not flood our guild chat with pointless arguments nobody wants to hear. 

Our guild cares a lot about its image on the server and we expect every member to be at least a semi-decent representative out in the world. Excessive trolling, name-calling and arguing in world chat with our guild's name tag underneath your name will not be tolerated. Furthermore, we have absolutely no sympathy for ninja looting inside the guild and, even more so, outside the guild. We will not take any person's word for granted when it comes to accusations but if anyone does provide us with proof that you've ninja looted an item, whether it's from a Green world drop or Blue dungeon gear, we will take action against and, depending on the severity of the case, remove you from our guild. Needless to say, anyone caught hacking, exploiting or buying gold in our guild will be kicked and reported. 

What we offer 

World-PvP Raids and Events 

We do our best to provide you with exciting events, whether it's small skirmishes on the slope of Hillsbrad and massive, large-scale battles at the base of Blackrock Mountain, invasions into Stormwind or patrols around around Shimmering Flats. If you've ever dreamed charging into the enemy forces alongside dozens of other players and experience the World-PvP you've never had on retail, this is your chance!

Dedicated and organized defense teams

Since we are a World-PvP guild, we will do whatever there is in our power to fight for the safety of our Horde players! While ganking and killing other players in the open world is part of the game, we will take a firm stand against organized opposition and promise we will deploy our available resources to punish and dismantle squads of corpse-campers wherever they might be. 


 We do our best to ensure our events are available to you no matter what schedule you’re on or how often you log on, no matter what class you play or what spec you're comfortable playing. It does not matter to us whether we have 10 people or 50 show up for the raid, whether they’re all Warriors or level 30’s – we are able to adapt our tactics and raids no matter who logs in when or how often. In terms of gear and professions, we can only offer you guidance and advice but in no way are we ever going to enforce strict guidelines on what is and isn’t preferred for our World-PvP raids. We will not let our guild stand in the way of anyone else’s fun, so whether you do PvE, PvP or you want to play some niche build – you will have a place in our raids regardless.


 We really listen to what our players have to say about the way we run our guild. It is how we avoid drama and how we've achieved a decent and friendly community which has made the guild into what it is right now. We have special channels on Discord where you can provide us feedback about our guild management, propose new ideas in regards to our current or future plans, even propose and uncover new ways of engaging in World-PvP if that's your thing. We've spaced our Officers so that there's almost always someone at any time to answer your questions and we are noted for our quick response times in terms of feedback. 

Active community

 We are bringing one of the most active Zeth’Kur community on Discord, second only perhaps to Elysium’s own channels. At the peak of our growth in the first weeks of the server's launch, our three guilds numbered close to 700 members. Although we don't have all of those players with us anymore, we enjoy a good relationship with many who are still playing the game and we've made quit a name for ourselves on the Horde as well as the Alliance side. Apart from our Discord server, we also maintain a relatively active forum detailing tactical insight into World-PvP, announcements, events and others matters related to our guild. 


 We will not abandon our guild and you can rest assured that we are here to stay. Our guild's foundation dates back to the days of Nostalrius and throughout time we have lived through a lot adventures, successes and even misfortunes, together in one way or another. Though others may abandon us in the process, rest assured that we will never abandon you. 


 We have made strong alliances with the other guilds on the server whose purposes are same if not similar to ours in hopes of maximizing our efficiency by working together to overcome our collective obstacles. We also acknowledge the fact that we are unable to provide players with everything this game has to offer in the endgame.
For this reason, we are working to achieve active collaboration with other guilds to ensure that the members who most faithful and engaged with us may also benefit from having a raid spot in MC raids and in PvP premades. These are not promises we are making, but they are objectives we are currently working to obtain and offer as privileges to our most active members. If you are interested and seriously committed to both World-PvP and PvE raiding, let us know so we can further negotiate with other guilds and see what we can provide.

Decentralized command

 Too many times we have seen guilds fall apart due to their reliance on one member of the guild restricting control over key elements in guild management to himself alone. We have worked hard over many months and achieved a decentralized command as well as lay down a blueprint for management, so that if one leader leaves, the others can safely take his place and operate the guild just the same as before.

Experience and maturity

 Most of our members have been playing this game since the retail days of Vanilla, TBC and WotLK. Not only that, but we're packing many years of experience from other MMORPG's with us and we put a lot of emphasis on doing things right based off our 10+ years of experience with them. Our guild members also average around 20-25 years of age so you can be relatively certain that you will be welcome by both a mature and a fun oriented open-minded community. 

Still not convinced?

We'd be more than happy to welcome you to one of our raids and let you see what we're all about. Just whisper me or any of our Officers about participating in one of our raids and we'll arrange a favorable date and time with you so you can see what are raids are like and choose what's best for yourself.


If you would like to join our guild or make further inquiries, either reply to this thread or contact either us in-game or on Discord and we'll set you up with an invite. 


If you would like to visit our Official forums, simply click on this link right here!

Many thanks to Mallie of Decerto for providing us with some wonderful edits with some of our earliest raids on Zeth'Kur. Notable mentions include: 
Stormwind Blitz
Battle of Hillsbrad
Mountain skirmish
Three corners ambush

And for a bit of us derping around at the Stormwind flight master with a raid of level 40s during the first weeks of Zeth'Kur.

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Had some raids with them on Zeth Kur. I never had such fun in my WoW gaming history. Join them if you love PvP. You will not regret, I promise

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NOTHING PERSONAL is proud to state we have forged an OFFICIAL BROTHERHOOD with Kor Kron...We will be working closely together to help the Horde in any way we can.



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Rest assured, our guild will put it's own effort to make invading Orgrimmar significantly harder, upholding the faction pride!

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