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Mage AoE farming nerf and profession questions

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This is my first 60 mage coming from a 60 priest main. I am enjoying the ability to AoE farm and kill elites that would be impossible as a priest. I originally picked skinning and herbing which served me well, I was around 720g at hitting 60 (first on the server). I dropped skinning for tailoring for my archmage which I now have. I recently discovered DM farming and have been doing North.


I have a few questions:

This is Elysium server.

With the new patch making runecloth bolts isn't very valuable anymore because of the increased price. Tailoring in general is a pretty bad money maker. The only remaining reason I have to keep it is for cheap mooncloth and the bloodvine set bonus. But bloodvine is a long way off as far as timeline. 

Is it worth keeping a profession that does almost nothing for 2% crit sometime 6 months from now?

I want to go skinning for huge GPH increases in DM and in UBRS. Also there is the pristine hide (there's your 2% crit buddy). 

And IF I did that, would it be worth even going around herbing anymore? DM farm would make huge money.

Or should I go alch? I have a lotus.

I'm trying to find the best and easiest method for making gold. Cause that's what we do.


And on that same note, I heard DME was nerfed as far as farming lashers (which also isn't blizzlike). Is DME even worth farming anymore or is it bad enough to just clear DMN and that's it.

One other question, are bugs in DMN skinable? 


If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.




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Check the recent thread in the mage forums about bloodvine, your answers will be answered there.

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