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Lower level brackets

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Hello everybody, i'm Dr nick.

Used to play back in vanilla, MAINED a 49 fury warrior after getting a random world Flurry Axe drop and took it as a divine sign. Went on the SFK grind alone to get Shadowfang 3 times to twink out(Hyrdalick Armour, Hammer of the Northern Wind) and had an amazing time on Terenas for a year.

Started commercial wow again and fuck it sucks so hard - so was looking into private servers for pvp. What are queue times like in the 49 bracket? If there was an average queue time breakdown for each bracket somewhere that'd be amazing.

Thanks for any help

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29s are pretty active with lots of twinks but alliance badly needs good healers or experienced FC.

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On 06/10/2017 at 8:50 PM, dwarfhunter said:

Most low level pvp is dead now

Absolutely not true.

19s & 29s are pops are instant. Nothing like I've ever seen before. Unless there are more than 1 or 2 games going on simultaneously, which then results in around 3-5min ques.

39s is less popular, however still active and nowhere near dead.

Haven't hear much about 49, if you're looking for something more active I would suggest resorting to other brackets. Everything above 39 requires you to wait for quite a bit (correct me if I'm wrong).

See you in the gulch!

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