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recovering r14 gears

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orc warrior :gaven on realm elysium horde r14

this is wat happened i had a raid on 30th august,the day after .this char was deleted by someone who hacked my account.then i talked to gm in game.and the gm helped me recover my warrior and some quest items only .the thing is i couldnt purchase any r14 gears because im at r10 now .my highest rank was r14.if this happend on anthena realm.u can still purchase r14 gears as long as u have being a r14.and  i wouldnt bother gm again so it is really hurt to me .i put a lot of effort and time on this char and we all know how difficult to get to r14.and also r14gear is different than other gears.because we can always getting gears like t2 t1 even bis trinket as long u attend to raid and without r14 gears this warrior worthless.,so i hope gm can do something on this warrior gears plz.thx 

                                                                                                                                                                                          best regard  


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