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Stormvind and Dun Morogh or the Alliance's indifference to the death of their own

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Alliance or people with indifference? A week ago, several people of Horde decided to come to the metro, to admire the technology of gnomes, began to reflect on the security of capitals of enemy cities. I witnessed the dispute of our Emperor with the invisibility fighter, they argued about the reaction of the Alliance to the killing of the players of the opposing faction. Deciding to test the combat readiness, they called all the fanatics to fight and get into trouble with beer, producer Duff. Having reached the room of magicians with portals, we waited for the angry players. But! Nobody came to take us out the door, which was unexpected. Thinking and the plains on Ally, their lack of communication and ignorance of traditions, they went to shake people off at the flight. Seeing us, the Aliki committed suicide - they tried to kill us. Representatives of the Horde did not notice their weak attempts and decided to fulfill the plan of Ally - to kill them. We stood inside the hour 2-4, from the drunk ale stolen from the flight, I do not remember the instructions of the Chief. Flashes of memory give me a sense of fun and prostration from the actions of Ally - they were not (actions). For example: We killed about 6-10 dozens; a bottle of the Masters of Flying could be stretched to 3-4 Exits, with the subsequent murder of invading and unsuccessful to leave from under the hot hands.


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