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Thunderfury scandal thread on item script

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Read through the issue on the link.

"Bugged behavior:
Thunderfury in Anathema is bugged and has a low proc chance of 5-10% or has a ppm.

Correct behavior:
Thunderfury should have a proc chance of 20% and
Thunderfury proc is NOT a ppm and has no limits per minute.

Source: Thunderfury in retail from 2005 to now still has 20% proc chance and has no ppm.
All legitimate sources including wowwiki, wowhead, blizzard forum, vanilla retail 2006 videos,
any year 05-17 retail videos of thunderfury, any thunderfury related posts from 2005 to now 2017 provides only 20% proc rate and no ppm. The thunderfury sword has remained unchanged in proc chance even today in retail. Still 20% and all real legit sources provides only 20%.

In reply to a fallacy claim of 15% proc chance from @ohganot :

@ohganot No it was never at 15% in any point in vanilla or any expansion. That 15% figure has already been disproven because it is literally non existent throughout vanilla wow and there is no real source that says so. No where around the sources does 15% exist.
Preferences or opinions are not prioritized in a blizzlike server.

You can't argue "overpower" because that is again an opinion and preference.
Your only source for 15% is because it's "overpowered", that is a total fallacy because it clearly comes from your preference. This game is not about your preference, vanilla wow is about vanilla wow. The game does not revolve around you. There is an overpowering factor for every class and items in vanilla and it's like you're saying you hate it so you want it nerfed, again a complete fallacy.

In conclusion again all real sources provide 20% from 2005 and even today, TF proc rate has remained unchanged. You can go to any retail source on TF from 2005 to 2017 and it is simply 20%. 20% you cannot deny.
15% is a fallacy so you can't enforce that at all. 15% will always be marked as a bug, anything less than 20% is a bug and that's just facts.

Lastly for the staffs reading this, please let us know here in the comments if @ohganot is the one
who's been enforcing 15% or less in proc rate because this has been a problem for some time now and it seems that @ohganot is involved in making the proc chance lower than blizzlike 20%.
If you are a staff please investigate the item scripter and the one enforcing this bug."

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