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What spec should i make my hunter?

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On 10/4/2017 at 3:00 AM, Drain said:

a pet in raids only serves 2 purposes, neither of which use the majority of their talents.
2) To buff yourself with howl, ideally on passive right next to you so it stays away from the bosses.


Furious Howl
Rank 4: Pet Level 56 (25 TP). Party members within 15 yards receive an extra 45-57 damage to their next physical attack. Lasts 10 seconds.

So let me get this straight. The purpose of a Pet is to add (45-57)*6 = 270-342 damage every 10 seconds (4 others plus Hunter plus the Wolf Pet)?  That's literally +27 to +34.2 Damage Per Second if it's buffing 5 Players (assuming they're all within 15 yards of the Wolf when they Howl) for an average of +306 damage per Howl ... and that's before including the effects of armor in reducing physical damage throughput (so you really aren't going to be getting all of that).


Lightning Breath
Rank 6: Pet Level 60 (25 TP). Breathes lightning, instantly dealing 99 to 113 Nature damage to a single target within 20 yards.

So ... 3 Lightning Breaths generates 297-339 Nature damage for an average of 318 damage ... and if your Wind Serpent can do this 3 times in 10 seconds then it is by definition inflicting more DPS by using Lightning Breath than a Wolf is buffing a party of 5 by using Furious Howl.

Wind Serpents can dramatically increase their rate of fire of using Lightning Breath if the Hunter has the Bestial Discipline talent in the Beast Mastery tree which increases your Pet's regeneration of Focus.  Furious Howl gains no such benefits from the Beast Master talent tree (or any other trees, for that matter).

Pretty much the only way I see Howl being better than Lightning Breath for a Hunter in a raid is if you've got multiple Hunters in a party group and they all bring Wolves to Howl for them so as to maximize the staggered uptime on Howl and to affect 10 targets instead of just (up to) 6 when there's only 1 Hunter in a DPS party ... except, that's hardly realistic now is it?  How many raid groups put 5 Hunters together on one of their party groupings?

My point being that to get the "most" out of Furious Howl you have to jump through a LOT of hoops, including both positioning and timing.  That's a lot of extra work for remarkably little return on investment.  Wind Serpents with Lightning Breath can at least be "parked" (using the Stay command) at range to use Lightning Breath against targets, they can have their "rate of fire" increased by Beast Master talents allowing them to recover Focus more quickly and they don't require careful positioning or timing to deal their damage while staying out of melee range.


Which brings me to a question that I haven't seen answered anywhere yet (or if it has been, I must have missed it).

Unleashed Fury increases the damage done by your Pets by 4% per talent point (up to 5 talent points).
Ferocity increases the critical hit chance of your Pets by 3% per talent point (up to 5 talent points).
Frenzy offers a 20% chance per talent point to gain +30% attack speed for 8 seconds after dealing a melee critical strike (up to 5 talent points).
Bestial Wrath sends your Pet into a rage for 18 seconds that causes +50% damage.

These are the Pet Damage talents from the Beast Mastery tree.  Now obviously, Frenzy applies only to melee attacks by your Pet, but can it also proc off melee Pet Skills like Claw and Bite and Charge and so on?  Do PBAoE Skills like Screech or Thunderstomp proc Frenzy?  Or is it the case that Frenzy only procs off auto attacks by your Pet?

Does Unleashed Fury only affect auto attacks, or does it also apply to Pet Skills like Claw, Bite, Lightning Breath(!) and so on?

Does Ferocity apply only to melee auto attacks, or does it also apply to Pet Skills like Claw, Bite, Lightning Breath(!) and so on?

Is Bestial Wrath a "true" All Damage buff of +50% that also applies to Pet Skills and not just merely auto attacks only?


Reason I ask is because it looks like going Beast Master with a Wind Serpent offers a greater amount of synergistic buffing than going Beast Master with a Wolf does, in "pure" min/max terms.

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Wind serpents are awesome. Yes, Unleashed Fury and Ferocity apply to Lightning Breath. Frenzy can even proc off Lightning Breath crits.

Bestial Discipline gives 6 Focus per second up from 5 Focus per second. It ain't TOO amazing, but it's worth taking over the last two points in Frenzy, I'd say. 3/5 works.

Wolves ain't too shabby. Wolves, cats, and wind serpents make up the holy trinity of raiding pets. Wolves buff four melee DPS AND themselves (don't expect to be anywhere near 15 yds as a hunter, so 5 targets at best), which improves the raid DPS in general. Cats are the most ferocious physical DPS and benefit from stuff like Sunder Armor, while wind serpents ignore armor entirely, but can have their Lightning Breath resisted. Nightfall can benefit a wind serpent's Lightning Breath, and they're very safe-to-use pets.

I like wind serpents. You can zap things that could seriously injure your pet from a nice, safe 20 yds away. Like Patchwork Golems in Naxxramas. Lupos is indubitably the best pet because he deals spell damage and buffs people, but after he's nerfed, wind serpents are my preference. See below:

We're both 20/31/0.

Don't expect to have more than 20 pts in BM if you're raiding. Trueshot Aura is demanded from us by a lot of guilds. I raided once as Beast Mastery in a PuG, since some friends were like "yo come do AQ20," but that was about it.

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When I played at 60 we got more dmg from cats and wind serpents. I preferred boars and wolves myself. But believe me when I say beasty hunters don't cut it end game because no healer is gonna heal a pet over player. And to do the damage you need pet and weapon damage combined. Ive seen them do well and mostly do bad because there too busy managing their pet. I don't doubt their damage in capable hands its just a lot of it is more situational fights than all around hunter dps.

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