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[Addon][Battleground] Strategos

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Hello everyone,

while this addon is still under development, it's already usable and can help you in many situations, helping you making faster decision about your battleground's objectives.








WARNING: localization not done yet! Some stuff will not work on non english servers.





  • A fresh new minimap (Battlegrounds/World):
    • shows up health of raid members
    • highlighted target
    • highlighted raid marks
    • left click on a raid member to target
    • right click on a raid member to whisper
    • highlighted friendly Warsong Gulch flag carrier
    • ping on raid members when enemy Warsong Gulch flag carrier is engaged (combat log based)
    • Arathi Basin/Alterac Valley timers (right click to announce)
  • Warsong Gulch
    • Frame with carriers health, class and name (click to target)
    • Low Heath warnings for carriers
    • Strategos clients are able to communicate...
  • Arathi Basin
    • Time to win frame


Anyone willing to help with development or just ask more question/giving feedback is also welcome in Discord

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Minimap scaling is undergoing testing. You can test it by downloading  the testing branch. It also requires latest StrategosCore.

Setting Minimap Scale:

/run StrategosMinimap_SetScale(1.2) #this increases size by 20%
/run StrategosMinimap_SetPOIScale(0.8) #this reduces point of interest (e.g. cities) by 20%
/run StrategosMinimap_SetUnitScale(0.8) #this reduces size of party and raid members by 20%

Scaling will be saved separately for normal/narrow formats.

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Fixed regression caused by latest update in Strategos_Minimap. Update again if you're missing the player arrow in the minimap.

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