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Gold spammers.

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Thank you for reporting these gold spammers. We find this useful. However, some reports are more useful than others. 

Accessing the chat logs is very time consuming and, given the small numbers of GMs, not a productive use of our time. Similarly, it is far from easy to see mail in your mailbox.

The most useful spam reports include a link to a screenshot showing the spam, or spam mail. You can reduce the size of the image to show the relevant area. These screenshots can be uploaded to a site like imgur. Please, no sites that require subscriptions etc. 

We can then use that as evidence. In the absence of evidence, we can not ban an account.

Also, adding the names of the spammer(s) is helpful. It takes us a second to check if the person has been already banned, much longer to access the screenshot and then check. We get a very large number of these reports.

The ideal format for a ticket is:

Here are some more spammers

<Link to image 1> Thespammer 

<Link to image 2>  Theotherspammer,  The spammersfriend

We do appreciate these messages, please help us make them more effective.

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