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Boat/zeppelin bug

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This bug affects mostly Mac users, but not universally. It has been removed from the game and reintroduced, for unknown reasons. In the text below, zeppelin may be substituted for boat.

It manifests itself as when a boat crosses a loading screen, the character appears in a featureless, blue/green/grey area. They can not move, or use their hearthstone. They can be summoned. 

If this happens, make a ticket. State from where and to where your character were travelling. It is unlikely that the GM team will be able to respond quickly. I would suggest logging on to an alt. You may add the alt's name to the ticket. This will allow the GM who fixes the problem to let you know.

To avoid this. Jump over the dividing line between the dock and the ship. As soon as the ship starts to move, log off. With the 20 second countdown, your character should log off before the loading screen. Wait for 2 minutes and 15 seconds (usually true) and then log in again. This should place you on the boat at your destination. 

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