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Bugged debuffs

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From time to time, characters log on and find themselves with a debuff that they should not have. Typically these are Resurrection Sickness and Deserter debuffs.

This is a bug.

Resurrection Sickness
Often the easiest thing to do is to die. This often resets the timer to a normal level. If you do not wish to do that or it fails to work, please see below.

Deserter and other debuffs.
These can be removed by a GM. However, you will have to be on-line for this to happen.

Please make a new ticket when you are next on-line so that the GM can tell that you are available. If you are playing on an alt, write the name on the ticket so that we can ask you to log onto the correct character.

It is suggested that you delete the ticket when you go off-line and add another when you return.

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