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System messages not showing

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System messages not showing

These are the yellow messages that tell you when friends come on line etc. /roll is another.

Often this only affects one character if so, try this solution.

Exit from WoW, you can not be running WoW for this to work.

Open the WoW folder, inside it another called WTF. Open that.

Inside there is a folder called Accounts, open that.

Inside that will be a folder with your account name, open that.

Inside that will be a folder for the realms that you play on. Open the one where the broken chat character is

There should be a file in there called chat-cache.txt. Delete that. 

Navigate ti the folder of a character whose chat is good. Find their chat-cache.txt file, copy that and paste it into the folder that you have just deleted from.


WTF/Accounts/YourAccountName/Darrowshire/BadChatCharacterName folder -  delete chat-cache.txt

WTF/Accounts/YourAccountName/Darrowshire/GoodChatCharacterName folder - copy  chat-cache.txt

WTF/Accounts/YourAccountName/Darrowshire/BadChatCharacterName folder -  paste   chat-cache.txt

Restart WoW. Go to the character that had a fault and test it. If you can see a /roll message, it is fixed.

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