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[A] <Blackcloaks> RP-PvP

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The Blackcloak Militia


"Raise your right hand and repeat after me: 
'Esarus thar no'Darador - By Blood and Honor We Serve.'"
-Enlistee's Oath



Tremble, ye heretics and praise the Light ... or we will drag you to it." ~

The Blackcloaks are a militia spawned in response to the horrors befalling Duskwood. Our cooperation with the Carevin family has earned us safe haven in their home.

Though willing to employ an arsenal and tactics questionable by some, the Blackcloaks at their core remain staunch worshipers of the Holy Light and only wish to see their lands rid of evil.

The most immediate threat to Darkshire is the rise of the worgen and our primary task is to stem their tide. This does not, however, limit our scope; demons, undead, the Horde and traitors - wherever they may be found - need all fear the herald of the Blackcloaks.




Recruit: Fresh enlistees under observation.

Retainer: Craftsmen, teamsters and other non-combat roles volunteered or hired into service.

Line Force: Rank and file Blackcloaks, be they devotees to the cause, contracted mercenaries or others taking up arms of their own incentive.

Legion: The Elite. These are not mercenaries, nor retainers hired into service - but Brothers and Sisters dedicated wholly to the cause and sworn to protect its interests to the bitter end.

These categories are intentionally general so each character can flesh out their own role.


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19 minutes ago, account1 said:

how did you will merge pvp and rp?

where did you will roleplaying?

what lvl requirements?


Merging RP and PvP is as easy as having an explanation for why we're PvPing where we are.

Our story begins in Duskwood, but it's only reasonable to expand beyond there in time. 

There is no level requirement at the moment, we're all still leveling up.

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Hi, I'm wanting to start a RP guild in Elysium ( and eventually move it to classic wow when it hits retail.) Do you have Discord? We could probably work/do stuff together.

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