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Will I be able to get a raidspot as a fresh 60 warrior tank?

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So just started leveling a warrior and I'm loving the experience so far. My plan is to become a warrior tank as I enjoying running group pve content. 

My question is, will I be able to get a raid spot as a fresh 60 tank? My worry is there are only so many raid spots for tanks, and obviously if you don't have the gear no ones going to take you.

I'm going to obviously follow the pre-raid bis guide for my character, but people will always want the most geared tank, and feel like if I don't level quick enough it will be hard to get a spot in decent raiding guild due to being behind the curve on gear. 

I don't plan on being super hardcore, but would maybe like to see a decent amount of the content if I can. I'm willing to put in the free time I have, but I work 40 hrs a week and plan on going back to school. With that type of schedule, is it viable to level a warrior with the intention of becoming a tank? 

What's everyone opinions on this? Thanks! 

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