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Is this a joke? No mailing until you reach Level 5?

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Level 10 now to mail items. I really don't like this change just like Baliun mentioned. I totally understand that the gold selling is a problem - but is there really no other way to fix this? I have a mailing system for guild members set up and I already had to level up many characters to 5 for convenient item mailing. Farming these to level 10 is such a hassle and not blizz-like at all.

Possible solutions:
- (like mentioned above) If you have a main character of level 20 or higher (maybe even level 40) means you can mail stuff on alts that are level 1?
- Why is MAILING such an issue? Deleting a mail now and then from these gold sellers I don't find annoying - but the constant /w I get is really annoying. Bank alts only require to mail, not talk to anyone.
- Maybe have some sort of conversation about this? Suddenly I couldn't mail and I couldn't find anything on the forums except this thread. I'm curious what other people think.

Maybe there is some reasoning that I have missed regarding gold sellers, but I'd love to know! I'm sure this will be a HUGE inconvenience for many guilds to come.

Anyways happy holidays everyone, been enjoying playing on this server a lot :) <3

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You can now send mails from your lvl 1 bank alts to your main character on the same account without actually having to lvl a bank alt first.

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