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A Bit of Confusion

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Hey guys,

so am I getting it right that both the Nighthaven and Stratholme characters can be copied to the TBC realm?

I'm really confused where to play now, because I want to experience TBC as well.

What are the differences between the new Stratholme and Nighhaven realm?

I really love to play on highly populated servers - Just started on Nighthaven but now it says that Statholme is more populated
Is there any information about the average playercount? 

And where would you guys recommend to play?

Kind regards


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Nighthaven > Fresh server with fast progression

Stratholme > Is at end game, with a lot of level 60s who levelled on our previous 3 realms.


You will all have the ability to COPY your character to TBC. One copy will remain on your vanilla server.

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