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[NA HORDE] <North American Allstars> Progression and Community

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<North American Allstars> (NAA) is a guild with the hopes of adding a few more core raid players.  We don't consider ourselves a hardcore progression guild however we do expect all core raiding members to be respectful, on time and ready (basic consumables, repaired, etc.).  We have a strong emphasis on community and we are really striving to make NAA a place that people enjoy being!  Right now, we have MC on farm and just starting our BWL progression.

Current raid times are Sundays and Thursdays starting at 10PM EST (4AM Server time).  Amount of content and current progression will vary the amount of time required but will not exceed 3 hours.  


Current Progression:

0/8 BWL

10/10 MC 

1/1 Onyxia


Current recruitment of classes for the core raid group: Low = Having pre-raid BIS required for consideration

Druid - Low

Hunter - Closed

Mage - Open

Rogue - Open

Priest - Closed

Shaman - Low

Warlock - Open

Warrior - Fury is open, Tank is closed


Please send a tell to Seeth, Shokcer or Riijuvenates in game for more information and to talk about joining NAA!!!

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