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Dear community!

To meet the growing interest in FRESH realms, the Elysium Project will be introducing a new realm each month. These realms will feature very fast progression, which means that the entire timeline will be finished within three months which meets the average lifetime expectancy of a fresh realm nowadays.

Rates are tweaked accordingly, you can get to level 60 easily on a single day! Drop rates are increased 25x so you can get your preferred gear within 1 week.

This won't take any influence on our TBC development, each fresh realm will progress to TBC as already announced for Nighthaven and our previous realms (Elysium PvP, Anathema and Darrowshire). Everyone will be able to enjoy our well developed TBC infrastructure while levelling regulary a new character on Vanilla.

The first realm will open on the 1st May 2018 and is called Gliss'Kur Ultimate Fresh!

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On 7/28/2018 at 10:27 AM, thirdxeye said:

hahaha nice one Shenna, this was a A1 Aprils fools joke 🙂

Duh! Obviously! =P

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