Everyone knows that the PvP Scene of the Server is pretty much dead, WSG ques that tend to go over one hour waiting time and even longer AV ques.   Most of the other big Vanilla private Servers, including old Elysium, updated the Gear earlier (BWL Patch, 1.6) than Blizzlike (1.11) to keep people motivated to que since right now the Gear is pretty much worthless for most classes so there arent alot of people trying to rank since you dont get anything out of it pre r11. The updated blue Gear is on the same level as some BWL Gear while the updated epic Gear and Weapons (after 2nd update, theyre on the first right now) are on AQ level which is why i propose to only update the blue one. That way it motivates people to come back to PvP while not making r12-r14 Gear completly OP.   If it keeps going like this there wont be a single AB with 15v15 outside of premades which will hurt the PvP Scene even more since there arent alot of people looking to premade, its the same names on both sides over and over already.   inb4 Rain kills me.   peace.