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Q&A on 7/22/2018 - Summary

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Greetings!! Below is a summary of the Q&A on 7/22/2018

Full Q&A Video Also Below. 😃

Did you hack lights hope's forums?
No, Light's Hope data base was indeed breached but Elysium was NOT involved in anyway whatsover and at this point Elysium has moved on and have better things to do. Focused on TBC and Nighthaven and have no care to have their forums.

Did the Elysium database ever get leaked?
No, not at all. Elysium is completely safe.

What happened on the attack on Elysium on 7-13-2018?
This was the forum attack that recently happened regarding the security issues. There was some specific attacks on our forums, but we have security measures in place to prevent that and our security and 2FA is very strict here to prevent such.

Will TBC have gated progression through patching content?
Yes, we will be running just like Blizzard did with blizzlike progression timeframes.

Which Server will be upgraded for TBC?
We are not upgrading any servers we are not taking that away from anyone. We are launching a new realm that is TBC and have the entire dark portal open with this event.

Do we get an instant 60 or transfer only?
Only moving over from servers will be allowed. No instant level 60s will be provided.

How are you planning the Arena system? Will there be seasons etc?
We are not 100 percent sure but there will be Arena gameplay, but still developing the exact way we are setting this up.

Will the hippogryph that is available at the shop be able to fly in TBC.
Yes, we will most likely be able to do make the hippograph fly in TBC.

When will TBC be released?
Estimated by the end of 2018 but not definate date as of yet.

Is there a tranfer Gold Cap per character for the merge of old realms into Nighthaven?
It will be 1,000 Gold per character. Also Raid mats and high value materials will also have a limit and ruin the Nighthaven economy.

How much of my account data will I be able to restore with the Server transfer to Nighthaven?
All characters and item will be restored. Bank alts will be handled a little differently, but will also be allowed.

When is the merge? And what is the estamited population of the merge?
The merge is estamated to happen around the beginning of August but no exact date. We think it will be significant but not exaclty sure on the exact number.

Will you allow character transfers from other Projects?
In short, no we cannot bring other players from other servers as the rules and regulations are not the same as Elysium.

Will there any plans of RaF system?
Not sure, but it is a great idea and definetly on the list to review to get implemented.

Will minor bugs be fixed also Warlock eye?
All bugs have been fixed just make sure you go to github and get the evidence with the patch we are currently in and submit accordinly and we will not miss it and it will be fixed.

Are you planning to become a progress through progression server?
That is exaclty what we are doing from TBC to Vanilla and the plan is to hopefully be able to progress through Wrath as well.

Does Elysium have planned any server wide Events?
Yes, when we have time we will come together and get more events going as PvP and Tournaments events as well.

When is AQ20 and AQ40?
AQ is next patch on August 4th.

Since the low population will the gathering of materials for the War Effort be a thing?
Yes, the PTR is not live right now but we have local realms online and tests are going well. As we did last year we will adjust the numbers to help the War Effort.

How are you planning to prevent griefing on World Bosses?
As of right now we cannot prevent world boss griefing as it is a part of the game.

How can you be OK ethically knowing that you are running a private server?
Yes, we believe in providing Vanilla servers.

With all of the work that you put in into Vanilla Wow do you think we will ever see another Fresh Vanilla Realm from Elysium?
We don't want to announce that too soon because we do not want others getting in the way of our plans, but yes, it has been brought up and is very much a possibility.

With the split of Elysium Rain, what keeps you here day in and day out Leading the GM's and working so hard on the Server?
Since I have joined Elysium I have learned so much as far as data basing etc and I am able to manage projects and people which I enjoy. At the end of the day I did not believe what those that left the server who were Staff was right durning the split and I have chose to stay with Elysium.

What is your ideal population on a Server in general?
I would say right now or cap at 2,000 - 2,500 is good and confortable and the community I feel knows eachtother and we are in a really good spot population wise.

Will we ever see a Lead Community Manager again?
We are looking for a good fit for the this position as a great CM does not always make a good CM Lead. But we are very commited to finding a  great Community Manager Leader is needed 100 percent.

In the item shop will the Guild Edit option and Black Market ever be used. And what exactly is the Black Market?
Yes, we will have the Guild edit option up shortly, please check back. The black market explanation can be seen in our forum link along with your feedback in the below link.

Twitch Viewer Questions.
Will there be a TBC Gold Cap?
We are still reviewing this, check back in a month or so for the answer.

Will multi boxing ever be allowed on this server?
No. Only for an Alt to pass goods in a major city as long as they are both in the Major city at the time.

Will Elysium still be live when Classic WoW releasses?
Yes, Elysium has no plans of going anyway when Classic WoW launches. We have community here, it is free and we are offering TBC which Classic does not have at the time.

What are you thoughts on the Fresh TBC Server from Sunwell, will it affect the TBC launch on Elysium?
No, it will not impact Elysium at all. They are ahead of TBC and their core is not the greastest by any means.

Do GM Staff have tools avaible to investigate wintrading?
Yes we have ways to look into it and will handle it properly.

Will the Mid-Summer Event come back?
The mid summer event was a mistake because we are not yet on the patch when it first came out, so it will be re launched at 1.11.

Will you be able to faction change your Shaman or Paladin?
Yes, you can and is allowed.

Will you able be able to buy low tier items etc on the Shop?
No, we will never let gear be bought to effect the gameplay.

Will TBC have Blizzlike progression time?

How is the battle going against gold sellers?
We are working hard everyday and have caught so many that they have stop trying to sell here. So in short it is going very well.

Will we ever see new content as in new instances inside the Vanilla Realm?
It is possible to do but not something we would bring to Nighthaven.

What is the proc on Iron Foe?
What ever the Blizz-like proc is.

Can GMs increase drop rates of Raid bosses?
No, only 3 people have abilities to do so and the Server would have to be down and everything will be logged.

Below is the Full Video


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thank you for hearing me!

great summary!



Is there a tranfer Gold Cap per character?
It will be 1,000 Gold per character. Also Raid mats and high value materials will also have a limit and ruin the Nighthaven economy.


that means, 8k per account?





Edited by asaph

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1 hour ago, asaph said:

thank you for hearing me!

great summary!



Is there a tranfer Gold Cap per character?
It will be 1,000 Gold per character. Also Raid mats and high value materials will also have a limit and ruin the Nighthaven economy.


that means, 8k per account?





You're welcome Asaph!


Also, good point.

Someone did indeed mention this in the Q&A and Rain said that this will be looked into as a Player could potentially make Alts to bring over an excess of Gold etc which is what we are trying to avoid.

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