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Problem with starting Tribal LW quest

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Hey there!

For any reason I can't seem to take the first quest of the Wildleather quest chain, which I need to get a Tribal LW.

Here's what I got so far:

Level 40

LW skill 225 / 300 (artisan learned at Aerie Peak)

Spoken with Caryssia Moonfeather (only says 'hi')

Spoken to Pratt McGrubben in Feathermoon (only has that Yeti Hide quest, of which I have done the first part. Too low right now for the second part)

Been to Darnassus to see if that LW trainer there hast something to offer (Is ending the quest chain iirc)


Now I'm really clueless of what to do to finally start that quest. Anybody help me pls.

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Having the exact same problem. When I try to go to the bugtracker it says invalid URL.

Guys? Guys?! It's been 9 months...

Devilsaur mafia much?

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