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Does SoR count as a swing on its own?

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Does Seal of Righteousness count as a swing on its own? 2 examples;

1. If I judge a target with Judgment of Wisdom and attack it, I have a chance to regain 59 mana. If i do this with Seal of Righteousness on I see frequently 2 procs of 59mana instantaneous.
2. If I apply Shadow Oil which only procs once every 6.667 (15%), with SoR on it seems to proc closer to 3.33 (30%)

So apparently it does seem like a swing(?) - The real question is this actually a Blizzlike Vanilla Feature?



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Apparently there are 2 sides of this story  , one of them is Blizzlike , other one is mistaken and in favor bugged.

1st side is that SoR is supposed to count as a swing on it's own , proc Judgement of Wisdom too.

2nd side is that SoR is not supposed to proc Shadow Oil or anything outside of Weapon Procs and JoW/JoL procs , the patch note is clear that suppose to only proc Weapon Procs , not Trinkets ,not Enchants or any other kind of Buff/Item.


Hope this answers your 2 questions.

/Kind regards Killerduki

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