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Kel'Thuzad HP Poll

Kel'Thuzad HP  

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  1. 1. Should we double KT's current HP pool in light of the recent Blizzlike changes which make him "too easy" for the average guild?

    • Yes
    • No

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We'd like to open discussion about the latest changes to Kel'Thuzad. 

The changes we implemented has made the encounter the most Blizzlike KT boss fight in the Private Server community. However, he is significantly easier due to it being a 14 year old boss fight.

We want to know how the raiders of Elysium feel about doubling his HP and seeing if that brings the fight a bit more challenge.

Thanks for the input!

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I dont get it why people all of a sudden think a boss is weak when all the raiding content have felt the exact same way.

Guilds in vanilla did not one shot all of MC, BWL, AQ40 and there was usually 1-2 bosses guilds where stuck with for weeks.
If you increase the HP of KT why dont you increase the health of Cthun also so it require more than 1-2 weaken phases?


Also i think that the fourhorse men work good as a gate keeper in nax. if you can clear 4hm you can clear the last two bosses also for sure.

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a word

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Dude cmon, he was perfectly fine until you modified his RNG mechanics. He was so fucking hard back then, and he still would be even with world buffs.

After these changes Alliance and Horde combined only have had two wipes on KT. Before that mid-week change both of the guilds felt like we were beating our head against a wall, wiping 3-4 hours on him in 1 day.

( Also wanna know why on earth you guys thought these changes were a good idea, to nerf him this much when only 1 guild still had killed him. As well as where did u get the info it was more blizzlike (lol))


Here are the changes there were done two weeks ago for the unknown:

Frostbolt nova was 15-17 seconds and is now 15 seconds but is skipped 50% of the time

Frostbolt (single target) was 5-7 seconds and is now 3 seconds (but it will end up being 5 due to spell school lockout when interrupted) and is skipped 75% of the time

Frost blast was 30-60 seconds and now is 30-45 but is skipped 40% of the time

Shadow fissure was 10-20 seconds and is now 15-20 with a 15% chance to skip detonate mana was 20-25 seconds and is now 20-30 with a 15% chance to skip

Mind control was 60-75 seconds and is now 72-86 with a 10% chance to skip p3 adds were coming out at random intervals between 5-7 seconds and spawning randomly (which is incorrect on both counts) they now spawn 1-2 at 10 second intervals, and never in the same spot twice the abilities with narrower/more frequent timers are made easier overall by the chance to skip them

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The "we" you're talking about is the dev who take his time to analyse the Elyseum version and video from retail. He looked at the time between abilities and try to reproduce that according to retail behaviour.


So if you're saying what he has done is wrong, it's simple: take video from Elyseum side and retail side, compare time between abilities and write what you think is wrong.


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I preferred the older version, that was a tough fight, emblematic of an end boss to an entire expansion (although even with world buffs I can see that version getting killed pretty easily).

P3 is a lot easier to handle now, whatever changes were done to that worked really well, good lob. P2 however seems way too easy, KT just loves to skip his abilities all the time, he's just a glorified target dummy in that phase. You spend most of phase2 just standing waiting for him to use his Mind Control or Frost Blast.. and 30secs later he still hasn't used either. Everyone in the raid giving each other a quizzical look, as if to say, 'Is this right? Shouldn't the boss be using MC or Frost Blast... or doing anything actually. This is boring... let's just keep nuking.' 

By even having this conversation about doubling it's health pool we are throwing out the window the idea of a Blizzlike encounter. So if we aren't gonna be Blizzlike anymore, then maybe the best option would be to revert it's difficulty to the pre-change version but include whatever changes were done to phase 3. Or you can just disable world buffs again & then the fight has some difficulty still. Either way, though, there is another boss fight in Naxx that is tuned perfectly & provides solid difficulty, it's called 4 Horseman. For a lot of people 4H is the iconic fight in Naxx, the one that gave people nightmares with the 8 tanks, so maybe if you kill that you deserve to reap the rewards of KT's loot able with relative ease.

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I would leave it. I say this for 2 main reasons.

1) You have a shortened timeline of content drops and there are already whispers of guild members going different directions when there is Elysium vanilla, TBC and Blizz Classic to choose from, so most want to clear this content as quickly as possible.

2) Guilds have been farming this boss for weeks now and it would be an unfair advantage to them to be able to get X pieces of top tier loot much easier than any one else that had a later start. These polls and decisions should ideally come before the content is released to gauge the opinion of the community. 
I'm sure guilds that have cleared it want it harder and guilds that haven't want it easier, for obvious reasons. Some hard core guilds also take extra raid time to practice these fights on the PTR, a luxury not every guild has unfortunately. 

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My suggestion is to review every single Boss that exist in Raids and to fix the "little things" like wrong working,non working ,bugged mechanics which is going to make the difference , instead of doing something out of touch. 

Watching this Video :


I can see that Mind Controlled Players does not Buff or Heal Boss at all as main priority , they less likely cast Crowd Controls which they should.

Mobs in P3 does not time to time "reset all aggro" . 

Perhaps i missed more , but my suggestion above the Video remain . 

/Kind regards Killerduki


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