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Input Wanted: Spell Resist Mechanic Changes

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Hi all,

After implementing the latest evasion mechanic changes, our wonderful devs have now begun the uphill battle of cleaning up our spell resist code and making it as Blizzlike as possible. This will be a fundamental change to our code, and its important to get feedback and any additional information/references from players.

Please take a look at the GitHub post below:


We are  also very interested in any evidence you have on what boss spell resist levels should be.

If you have input or suggestions, please make sure to provide references and as much information as possible to backup any claims. Thanks everyone!

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There are some problems with his explanations and ideas, some of them are not even clear.

But i would say there are issues with Elysium resistance, which is flat and not variate even.


Keep in mind , it will not make it closer to Blizzlike , it will instead make it further away into Wrath of the Lich King , as his explanations leads towards that.

Last is that,  this will have Huge impact against Holy Resistance and Paladins , which will cause unnecessary problems and will make it Non Blizzlike with lots of Bugs. 

More of that is Ragnaros and Elemental Mobs who are going to be affected by this , which is again going to cause lot of issues and bugs too. 


-Edited- , i misunderstood some of their explanations tho , it might instead improve the stuffs , let see the responds from the qa/dev there.  

Edited by killerduki

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