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Default Key Bindings in Vanilla WoW

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I was looking for a list of the default HotKeys in WoW and I could not find any.

So I compiled such a list, for Vanilla WoW (version 1.12.1)

- https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/#hotkeys.html

- https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/hotkeys.html

- https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings.xls


.TXT Files:

- The default Key Bindings in Vanilla WoW   -   https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings.txt

- The version without the Blizzard ID column   -   https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-noblizzid.txt

- This is the two column version   -   https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-2column.txt

- The version that is sorted by hotkey   -   https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-sorted.txt

- Sorted by hotkey and without the Blizzard ID column (probably most useful for most of the people)   -   https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/documents/vanilla-wow-key-bindings-sorted-noblizzid.txt


Also, the default bindings-cache.wtf file:
- https://frostshock.github.io/wabc/samples/bindings-cache.wtf

I'm quite sure I'm not the only one looking for a searchable list of WoW keyboard shortcuts so I hope this helps


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13 hours ago, wampuskitty said:

The key bindings are on the main menu in the client, but you probably know that 🙂

Yes, thanks, I knew that, that's where I got the sample "bindings-cache.wtf" file. But it's in a cryptic form, it contains lines like this:


which are unintelligible for the user.


the files I presented above contain lines like this

Toggle Honor Pane        "H"                Not Bound            TOGGLECHARACTER4


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